Callaway Strata vs Solaire Golf Clubs: Which One Is Better?

Callaway Strata vs Solaire

Finding a quality golf club is a long, arduous journey of sifting through dozens of brands if this is your first time. If you’re a professional, you probably have some old clubs in your golf bag, ready to swing when drawn.

You, on the other hand, need a new face, a more powerful swing, brighter color, and a performance-driven club.

And now settled on Callaway.

Unfortunately, you find both the Strata and Solaire from Callaway to be excellent clubs but unable to choose one.

This isn’t unique to you though. Thousands of others often find themselves hung up on two specific brands with similar specs and performance and so unable to choose.… Read More

Taylormade M5 vs P790 Irons: Which Should I Choose?

taylormade m1 vs m2

Get good breaks on bad shots! Taylormade has introduced just enough clubs to choose from if you’re looking to boost your game.

Taylormade is among the top manufacturers of irons in the industry. It’s not surprising that a lot of their product are in high demand. Like you, many others are looking for a way to distinguish between the P790 and the M5.

If they’re from the same brand, how are they different. Let’s find out in this article.

Are you a high-handicapper who often struggles to find the center of your clubface? Or are you a low-handicapper who yearns for a club that is appealing yet powerful?… Read More

Mizuno MP vs JPX (A Battle Between the Mizuno MP-20 and JPX900)

Mizuno mp vs jpx

A lot has been written about the Mizuno MP and JPX lines. With Mizuno releasing new models in the two lines, it’s a good time to compare the latest models from the two lines. If you have the opportunity to choose between the MP and JPX, which one would you go for?

While Mizuno maintained the classic look in the MP line, the brand has introduced a more modern and aggressive look in the JPX line making way for those who have been waiting to see something more stylish and flashy.

And with the newer technology in the JPX series, you have more opportunities for game improvement than in the MP series.… Read More

Taylormade M6 vs PING G410 Irons: Which One Should I Choose?

If you play the golf game, you’ll need tools. Golf balls, irons, trolleys, watches, practice nets, bags, and everything in between. You won’t need everything, especially if you’re a beginner.

However, some of these are the lifeblood of the game. Anyone who is looking at improving their game must gather them (while practicing consistently, of course).

This article isn’t about all golf accessories though. It’s rather about two golf irons: Taylormade M6 vs PING G410 Irons. These two are the talking point of a lot of people. Which one is better?

If you’re about to get a new set of irons and have settled on these two but finding it hard going with one, this article can help you.… Read More

Callaway Rogue X vs Taylormade M6 Irons (What Differentiates them?)

callaway rogue x iron

Callaway and Taylormade have been making golf irons and other accessories for the past decades. They have lots of signature accessories that are not only popular but can help bring a professional feel to any golfer’s game.

Among the favorites of many players are the Callaway Rogue X and the Taylormade M6 Irons. Callaway Rogue series has been on the market for quite a while. And the same can be said about the M6.

It’s common for new buyers to settle on two golf clubs with nice reviews and decent prices (out of dozens) but still find it difficult to settle on the best one.… Read More

Taylormade Ardmore 2 vs 3: How Do They Compare?

Patina Series

If you’re looking for a showdown of the TP Taylormade 2 and 3, then you’re on the right page. A lot of time has passed since Taylormade came out with the Patina series and the two are the latest of the three models.

Of course, there are later models like the DuPage with four-mallet putters and the Soto, Juno, and Del Monte. However, this article will look at the first of the 7 designs starting from the first version.

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The Ardmore 2 and 3 are of higher quality than Ardmore 1. They come with better designs and more benefits.… Read More