How to Putt

how to putt

Consistency and confidence are the keys to a good putt.

Many golfers can count on their fingertips the times they have walked empty-handed to the green to pick up the ball out of the cup. Indeed, putting is an art that is mastered by the diligent.

The best way to lower your handicap is to focus on putting and chipping.

Before you trying learning the mechanics of putting, you need to understand some basic principles that impact a putting shot.

These are body alignment, ball position, clubface alignment, and, grip. Let’s understand each aspect of the principles.

Body Alignment

Like most amateur golfers, if you align too much to the right, you will cut through the ball which will make the ball roll with high sidespin.… Read More

Best Golf Swing Analyzer: Reviews and Comparison

best golf swing analyzer

Striving to be unique, not just the best!

Golf is a game where you always wish you could change some things that happened on the course. Well, since a sport can’t have a literal rear-view mirror and a windshield to guide your journey, technology has made it possible to study the game you just played, forgive yourself and promise to be better next time.

Golf analyzers are helping beginners and advanced players to find their level in the game. The market is quite homogenous, with all products providing the same basic features.

Thus, any innovation in this regard ups the game for the product, and we have picked some of these analyzers that promise to take your game to the next level.… Read More

How to Stop Coming Over the Top in Golf Swing

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What are the main components of a successful hit? Ask golfers this question, and you will get a vast variety of different answers! However, it all gets down to a few major factors – consistency, distance, speed, power, and accuracy.

How to reach all these goals and find an over-the-top golf swing fix? It all starts with a good swing!

What Is The Key To An Excellent Swing?

As you now know, a good swing is a key to success on the course. However, how can one ensure that he does everything right?

Of course, there is no universal advice that would work for all.… Read More

How to Clean Golf Club Grips – Time to Get Better Grips on Your Clubs

golf grips

Unkept grips lead to an unlived game

A golfer’s swing is directly related to his grip as it is the only portion of the club that touches the golfer’s hand. Harvey Penick, the American Golf coach, once said that ‘the game of golf revolves around good fundamentals of address and grip.

So if you have a bad grip, don’t go looking for a good swing.’

So, it is safe to say that the condition of the grip dictates your game; which leads to a well-thought, but the oft-ignored question – How to Clean Golf Club Grips?

Cleaning the grips is a regular part of the golf equipment maintenance.… Read More