Best Irons For High Handicap – Comprehensive Reviews on Top Models

best irons for high handicap

Every big achievement has a ‘day of small beginnings.’ In golf, if you are a beginner, then you will regularly come across the term ‘high-handicap.’ In fact, during your day of small beginnings, you will find yourself called a ‘high-handicapper.’

If you surf the web, you will come across tons of pages with tips aimed at lowering your handicap.

While these tips are essential, there is no denying the fact that the best way to improve your handicap is to select the right golf club which has the elements to help you achieve that.

Getting hold of these clubs and practicing with them will give you the necessary smartness to overcome your limitations and become a better player.… Read More

Best Driver For 85 MPH Swing Speed (#1 Is Our Choice)

best driver for 85mph swing speed

If you ask a tour pro the key to his game success, he will likely say that it’s his swing speed.

Apart from having the correct equipment, a golfer must hit near the sweet spot and with the maximum swing. His improvement in the game largely depends on whether he is increasing his swing speed progressively.

To launch a ball 300 yards and further, many pros use a swing speed between 110-125 mph. To be realistic, swing speed is a livelihood for a tour pro, for each mph adds to his paycheck.

Adding speed to your swing requires a good physical regime and expensive golf equipment.… Read More

Most Forgiving Irons – For Beginners and Pros Alike

most forgiving irons

Forgiveness doesn’t cure but helps a lousy swing. It makes an off-center strike straighter, a slice a little less severe, and the trajectory of the ball, much higher. In short, most forgiving irons make your bad strikes look less bad.

More and more companies are designing irons that are easier and more fun to play. If you feel that the club is holding you back from getting shots, maybe it’s time to get a new one.

But more is involved in club replacements apart from usability. Forgiveness is an indicator of good iron, especially if you are on the higher side of the handicap index.… Read More

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Review

callaway steelhead xr irons

The resurrection of the yesteryear brand!

The year was 2016. If someone felt that the ‘Steelhead’ brand of the Callaway had gone out of business, then that particular year straightened them out. 16 years after launching the Steelhead X-14, Callaway resurrected its brand and launched the XR irons to let high-handicappers and beginners feel at home with it.

The Steelhead XR was introduced as a ‘Game Improvement’ iron that promised high launch and good distance even for golfers with low swing speeds. While the launch was truly nostalgic, the XR came with a host of features that ensured it stands in the competitive world that it sees now.… Read More

Callaway X2 Hot Irons Review

callaway x2 hot iron

Striving for continuous improvement!

Callaway is known for adding value to its products. Having said this, rather than providing multiple options to the buyers, it is improving each of its successive products in an attempt to customize them for each type of buyer.

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Low to Mid Handicappers who usually prefer ‘Game Enhancement’ irons for more forgiveness can go for the X2 Hot Iron due to the premium features that it offers.

It has gone further than its predecessor, the Callaway X Hot Iron in terms of distance feel and forgiveness. Many pro-golfers say that after purchasing the X2 Hot, they observed that its predecessors had faults that they never noticed.… Read More

Callaway Strata Review: Jump Start Your Golfing Career!

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Jump Start Your Golfing Career!

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When you hit the course for the first time, your primary concern is to get your technique right, not your shot. The Callaway Strata is the best deal for a beginner who wants to establish his technique in an affordable budget.

A permanent or custom-made set can come in once you are settled with your swing. When you get all of that from one of the most favored brands in the world, then let the worry drown.

Right from 2014 when they released their first set under their line, Strata sets have almost come to become a household name for golfers.… Read More