Successful Start Ups – The Best Fairway Woods for Beginners

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In the game of golf, nothing can get in your way more than absolute frustration.

Experienced players know that a good round is highly dependent on having and maintaining a clear state of mind. For the beginner, this is especially important and can make or break the game.

The main idea of using fairway wood as a starter hinges on this same premise. The golfer can sacrifice a few yards when he tees off by using one of the next woods up from his driver.

In return, the ball doesn’t need to be struck as precisely as it would with the driver to stay on the fairway.… Read More

Putting Drills: Becoming a Better Player One Stroke at a Time

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As Bobby would say, Drive for show but putt for dough. It’s no secret that the best players in the world are also the best putters in the world, and for good reason.

Laying it up in the green is nice, but the score sheet doesn’t lie; if your putting game is off, then you simply won’t get the score that you want.

It can be especially frustrating to make a mistake when you’re putting, and even professional golfers practice putting it every time they step on the grass.

This is probably no surprise to you since most courses have putting greens near the clubhouse for you to practice on.… Read More

What is the Most Forgiving Driver? We Ranked ONLY the Best of them!

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Arghhh… shanked it again! Don’t let this be you:


You know it, I know it, that ball just isn’t going to head straight and far down that fairway. What makes the situation worse is that we also just don’t have the time to practice or the money for the lessons with the pro needed to fix the problem.

What about if there was another solution that is much quicker and cheaper?

What if technology could step in to help? Well, guess what, there is, and it’s not too far out of reach, welcome to the world of forgiving drivers, and today we will discover the most forgiving driver for you.… Read More

Hybrid Golf Club Reviews (We Reveal the Top Models)

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hybrid golf club reviews If you live in the United States, you have probably heard this slogan from TV commercials that have perhaps already engraved on your brain: it is strong, and then there is Army strong.

Likewise, we can golfanize it (not a real verb, I know) a little bit and say the following: there are wood and iron, and then there is a hybrid.

Have you guessed yet?

That’s right!

Today we are going to deliver you some hybrid golf clubs reviews that will help you pick up the best hybrid club for your game.

What Is a Hybrid Golf Club?

A hybrid golf club is a club that is designed through a combination of features from both iron and wood golf clubs.… Read More