How to Clean Golf Club Grips – Time to Get Better Grips on Your Clubs

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Unkept grips lead to an unlived game

A golfer’s swing is directly related to his grip as it is the only portion of the club that touches the golfer’s hand. Harvey Penick, the American Golf coach, once said that ‘the game of golf revolves around good fundamentals of address and grip.

So if you have a bad grip, don’t go looking for a good swing.’

So, it is safe to say that the condition of the grip dictates your game; which leads to a well-thought, but the oft-ignored question – How to Clean Golf Club Grips?

Cleaning the grips is a regular part of the golf equipment maintenance.… Read More

Cobra F6 Driver Review

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Unlocking value through innovation

“No other all titanium adjustable CG driver delivers this combination of distance and forgiveness in every shot.”

Cobra launched its F6 driver with the above motto. It has used technology that bridges the gap between players with different abilities. The F6 allows the player to choose the type of game he would play on the course.

Bryson DeChambeau, the American professional golfer, has included the F6+ for his PGA Tours.

Let’s take a look at the features and see how the driver proves itself as the ultimate ‘one-for-all’ product.

F6 CG Tuning

‘Center of Gravity’ or CG creates ideal ball launch conditions for your golf club.… Read More

Taylormade P790 Review – Get Detailed Info Before Buying

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Get good breaks on bad shots!

Are you a high-handicapper who often struggles to find the center of your clubface? Or are you a low-handicapper who yearns for a club that is appealing yet powerful? If yes, then the TaylorMade P790 Iron is the best deal for you.

taylormade p790Tomo Bystedt, the Senior Director of TaylorMade’s Product Creation department, mentioned that they had rethought the entire construction process of the product to give the golfer a club that is aesthetically attractive and workable.

In this TaylorMade p790 review we look at how technological innovations have proved that they have the necessary acumen to overcome barriers and make their product the best one in the market.… Read More

Ping G400 Driver Review

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A driver that was worth the wait!

Four years ago, when Ping G30 was at its peak, Ping decided to do away with the numbers and instead launched the Ping G.

Two years later, they brought back the numbers and came out with a bang – the Ping G400 Driver review. The popularity of the driver was undoubtedly visible by its debut in the 2017 US Open, with 13 players using it.

The Ping G400 Driver comes with three different heads to suit the needs of anyone who wishes to try their game with the brand.

While the standard design is a ‘fit-for-all,’ if you are still looking for less spin, then Ping G400 LST (Low Spin) is right for you; whereas, you may need Ping G400SF( Straight Flight) if you need support for your slice.… Read More