The elements that make up the perfect ball to suit your game include the type of equipment you’re using, the speed of your swing and your handicap. The balls used by the pros are most likely going to be very different to the balls you need for your game because every ball is designed with special characteristics and elements to maximize distance and accuracy. Here we will jump into analyzing the best golf balls for your game.

Do Limited Flight Range Balls Really Exist?

Most golfers like to pick out the best golf balls they can, and for good reason; the better the ball, the easier it is to get it in the hole.  However, there are times where the most distance isn’t what you want.  Often times when you hit a golf ball, you hardly feel the ball…
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How to Pick Up the Best Golf Balls for Beginners

We all started somewhere, and it seems like just yesterday I was foraging for golf balls in the brush because I thwacked ‘em clear into the woods.  Generally, beginner golfers tend to lose a lot of balls and they have trouble controlling exactly where those pesky golf balls go.  If you’re just getting started with…
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Understanding the Golf Ball Compression Chart

You’re standing in the pro shop, it’s 10 minutes to tee off time and you are short on balls for the round again. As your eyes scan over the different brands of golf balls sitting on the counter, you start to scratch your head and whisper to yourself, “what does this gibberish all mean?!” –…
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