Titleist TS2 vs TS3: Differences and Similarities Reviewed

Titleist TS2 vs TS3

When Titleist promises they want to give golfers faster drivers, many wonder what products would receive the new design. Unfailingly, Titleist introduced the T series, starting with the T1 driver.

As you probably know, the first model in a series doesn’t always fill all the gaps.

There would always be a need for improvement. And that’s what the T2 and T3 drivers came to do, with a major improvement in the head and shaft of the two drivers.

Since they’re the iteration of the T1, they must have some similarities, and certainly some differences.

If you’re looking to get one of these, then you should know the unique differences between the two.… Read More

Best Golf Rangefinder for Shaky Hands (Get Over it Now)

Even if you have been playing golf for the longest time, you might have never heard such a term as the best golf rangefinder.

Or even if you have, trust me, there is still a lot to discover when it comes to these state-of-the-art distance gauges.

To put it simply, these days pretty much any golf player without a rangefinder is like a teenager without their Facebook or Instagram account. They can’t live without it.

Unless you like sharpening your game without ‘cheats’, of course. Over 85% of professional golf players as of this year own a rangefinder as a gadget or as an app on their phone.… Read More

Srixon Z565 vs Z585 Irons Comparison: Which Is Better?

Z585Iron vs Z565Iron

Both the Srixon Z565 and Z585 irons are in the same series, both following after the Z545.

They are very similar in a lot of ways but there are subtle changes that Srixon has introduced in the Z585. Whether these changes are worth the investment or upgrade depends on what you want in your next club.

A lot of these can also depend on your previous experience and your level (low, mid, or high handicap). In this article, I’ll come up with a review of both products separately and then compare them.

This way, you can see what improvements Z585 brings forth and if you need to upgrade (if you already have the Z565) or which to choose if you’ve never used any of them.… Read More

Mizuno MP vs JPX (A Battle Between the Mizuno MP-20 and JPX900)

Mizuno mp vs jpx

A lot has been written about the Mizuno MP and JPX lines. With Mizuno releasing new models in the two lines, it’s a good time to compare the latest models from the two lines. If you have the opportunity to choose between the MP and JPX, which one would you go for?

While Mizuno maintained the classic look in the MP line, the brand has introduced a more modern and aggressive look in the JPX line making way for those who have been waiting to see something more stylish and flashy.

And with the newer technology in the JPX series, you have more opportunities for game improvement than in the MP series.… Read More

Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli: Are There Any Differences?

maxfli green softfli 1 side

Do you find it difficult to choose between SoftFli and StraightFli? If you answer yes, then you’re not alone. Golfers, like other sportsmen, know good brands from bad ones.

This is a good thing and allows them to choose the best and right brand for their game. However, you can end up with two good products from the same brand find yourself unable to choose between them.

This is why a lot of people considering Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli have deemed them two good products but simply find it difficult choosing one. If that’s you, then this article is written just for you.… Read More

Maxfli Softfli vs Wilson Duo: Which Golf Ball Should You Choose?

wilson duo golf balls

Many golfers prefer the golf balls that give them maximum performance off the tee. They want a ball that has great ball speed, a low spin rate, a high launch off the tee, and a soft feel.

No matter what level they find themselves. This is why both Maxfli and Wilson have developed the SoftFli and Wilson Duo respectively. Both balls are inexpensive, come with a nice soft feel and low spin rate.

To decide which one is the better choice, you have to look at their design, core, and performance.

To do that, here is a review of both. This will expose the pros and cons of each ball.… Read More