Each club in a golfers arsenal [bag] must fit the golfers game. Here we will look at many top of the line clubs and breakdown each component, from the shaft, to the grip and the club head. What materials make up the ultimate wood for long-distance fairways or tee shots; when to pick the iron over the wood, or is there a hybrid option that combines design elements of woods and irons that would make a better choice? We also take on the putter (short and tall) to make up your ultimate golf bag.

Successful Start Ups – The Best Fairway Woods for Beginners

In the game of golf, nothing can get in your way more than absolute frustration. Experienced players know that a good round is highly dependent on having and maintaining a clear state of mind. For the beginner, this is especially important, and can make or break the game. The main idea of using a fairway…
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Putting Drills: Becoming a Better Player One Stroke at a Time

As Bobby would say, “Drive for show, but putt for dough”.  It’s no secret that the best players in the world are also the best putters in the world, and for good reason.  Laying it up on the green is nice, but the score sheet doesn’t lie; if your putting game is off, then you…
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How to Increase Swing Speed

Golf is a game of finesse, but there’s no doubt that it’s helpful to start with a nice drive onto the green than having to chip it up onto the green and have to one putt to get par. I’m sure you’re good enough to have relatively good form (i.e. not flailing around like a…
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What is the Most Forgiving Driver?

Arghhh... shanked it again!! Don't let this be you: [embed][/embed] You know it, I know it, that ball just isn't going to head straight and far down that fairway. What makes it worse that we also just don't have the time to practice or money for the many pro lessons needed to fix the problem.…
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