Best Golf Bags for Trolleys (Updates for 2021)

If beauty is an attitude, then a good bag is your personality. Many people equate happiness with a good bag. But in golf, bags are directly related to a golfer’s performance.

Unlike other sports, where the bag stays outside the field, in golf, the bag comes right with the golfer on the golf course. It stays with the golfer throughout the tournament, no matter where he moves for his shot.

Hence, a good gaming bag is the sign of a good golfer – a golfer who respects his game.

A golf bag is more than just being a friendly club carrying equipment.

Players have different styles and needs on the course, and their equipment needs to match up to those. Some golfers walk on the course, while some ride. Some carry around their stuff, while some use the services of a professional caddy.

Where does the golf bag fit in? Our review shows the features and the usability of some of the best golf bags that suits you no matter what your style and game demands!

Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag

At 2.5 lbs, the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag has been touted as Callaway’s lightest stand bag. The designers and engineers have done all they can to reduce every ounce off the bag without sacrificing its most essential features – usability and durability. Your brand is what your customer thinks about you, and for Callaway, the customer is its brand. As our review shows, the Callaway Hyper-lite is what all a golfer needs to pack his performance!

Unique Specifications

  • Light Weight Nylon
  • Extra Durable Zippers
  • Carbon Fiber Legs

Why Should You Use the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag?

Light Weight Nylon

Its nylon material makes the bag lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and resilient. The bag is more comfortable to wash and its material doesn’t shrink over time.

Due to its low moisture absorbency, it dries faster and resists damages from oil or any other chemicals present on the golf course.

Extra Durable Zippers

The bag hosts Japanese branded YKK zippers that are rigid, corrosion-resistant, and visually appealing. These zips are resistant to cyclic mechanical effects and stand firm due to their impressive construction quality.

Carbon Fiber Legs

As a stand bag, much of the bag rests on the strength of its legs. The carbon fiber legs are light, stiff, and corrosion-resistant. The bag also has resistivity to chemical, electrical, and thermal conductivity.

The material represents cutting-edge technology, which Callaway is proud to include in its design.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • The bag wins in terms of weight for senior golfers and golfers with fatigue or other back problems. It is quite light compared to Ping Pioneer Golf Bag, which weighs around 7 lbs
  • The top portion of the bag has four compartments for quick organization of all the 14 golfing clubs. However, the 15-club holder of the Ping Pioneer is a better option for easy accessibility
  • It also has a cell phone compartment for additional safety
  • Those who have the habit of carrying their bags will find the double padded shoulder straps and the mesh padded hip cushion robust, reliable, and comfortable
  • The bag’s prices may keep the mid and low budget players away from it

Ping Pioneer Golf Bag

“On the golf course, your bag is your best friend.” The adage is true with Ping Pioneer Golf Bag, as it takes off all your needs on the course, from your precious clubs to your drinks. The bag has become well known for its pockets, and as our review shows, you get to put almost anything in the bag to help you succeed in your game.

Unique Specifications

  • 15-compartment top
  • Magnetic ball dropdown pocket
  • Cart-strap pass-thru channel
  • Velour-lined valuables pouch

Why Should You Use the Ping Pioneer Golf Bag?


The bag boasts of a 15 weight top club holder with soft lift handles for easy maneuverability. Other accessories include a magnetic ball dropdown pocket and a cart strap pass-thru channel for easy carrying.

High-impact Propylene Construction

Propylene construction makes the bag moisture and chemical resistant. With excellent impact strength, the golfer can ensure that the elements of the golf course don’t have any impact on the bag.

Velour-lined Valuables Pouch

The bag has a pocket made of velour material to protect the golfer’s valuables.

The material is soft, stretchy, and washable so that the valuables do not get spoiled or wet during rainy days. The bag also has a cooler pocket to hold all the drinks during the game, and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth after the game.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • In terms of weight, at 7 lbs, the Ping Pioneer is quite heavier than the 2.5 lbs Callaway Hyper-lite
  • Senior golfers and those with back problems will find it challenging to carry the bag unless they are using a cart to go around the course
  • The Ping Golfer bag has more accessory holding capacity than the Callaway Hyper-lite, especially its cooler pocket and velour-lined pouch
  • The 15 club holder is better than most other bags as it helps the golfer to remove any club with ease. However, many pro-golfers complain that 15 clubs can lead to an overcrowded bag
  • The bag doesn’t come with a kickstand

Sun Mountain Range 14 Way H2NO Lite Carry Bag

The Sun Mountain Carry bag has been designed as a refuge for your clubs. The Sun Mountain is lighter than the Ping Pioneer Bag and is versatile owing to its multiple features. The bag is touted as a waterproof bag that will let you play your game in almost any weather without worrying about your expensive equipment.

Unique Specifications

  • Waterproof fabrics
  • E-Z Fit Dual Strap System

Why Should You Use the Sun Mountain Range 14 Way H2NO Lite Carry Bag?


The bag is famous for its E-Z Fit Dual Strap, which makes it easier to carry, adjust, and fit.

The Fit system complements the flared top, which has been designed to help the golfer quickly remove and put his clubs in the bag. The E-Z Fit acts as a harness in the middle of the bag and adds comfort and balance to it.

Grab Handles

The bag is equipped with grab handles that helps the golfer to pick up or lower the bag from the shoulders quickly. The mesh hip not only adds cushion but also absorbs impact to reduce stress on the hips and the shoulders.

Waterproof Fabric

Sun Mountain has used durable quality fabric that is water-resistant and lightweight. Adding to it is the YKK zipper, the Japanese branded quality zippers that are chemical and abrasion-resistant.

The taped seam design gives an appealing look to the bag. The sides of the bag are manufactured with a 2000mm waterproof coating to withstand rough elements.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • In terms of comfort, the Sun Mountain comes with a comfort hip pad, which is not present in many golf bags
  • While the bag is heavier than the Callaway Hyper-lite, it possesses a Velcro leg locking system that Golfers can use to fasten it to any trolley brand or a cart to drive it around
  • The 15-club divider of the Ping Pioneer is better than the 14 –full-length club divider of the Callaway Hyper-Lite and the Sun Mountain H2NO
  • Along with its six pockets, the bag also provides an in-built rain hood for additional water protection. The storage space is big enough to fit almost all of your personal belongings comfortably
  • Unlike the single strap bags, the Sun Mountain is equipped with two straps that helps golfers to distribute the weight evenly on the bag and ensures that the bag doesn’t move much while walking

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

TaylorMade is known for its brand and its cutting-edge technological innovations. Many of its products have been highly-priced and used by professional and high-budget golfers. However, its 2019 Select Bag has been designed for the mid-budget players, and TaylorMade has not sacrificed its construction quality for its cost.

Unique Specifications

  • Multi-material construction
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket

Why Should You Use the TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag?

Velour-lined Pockets

The pockets of the bag sports velour material that is soft, stretchy, and washable to keep the valuables (wallets and phone) secure. It is also equipped with multiple zippers that give ample storage for personal belongings.


With a padded top and 14-wat dividers, the bag provides ample space to keep all the accessories in an organized manner.

It has 7 zippered pockets that provide ample storage to the golfer and its two handles on the top let the golfer pick up the bag easily without much discomfort. As with many other golf bags, it comes with a rain hood that protects it from rainstorms.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • Unlike other bags, TaylorMade has only one zipper which may cause difficulty in carrying the bag, which makes it only a cart bag and not a carry bag
  • As a brand that is known for its good quality material, TaylorMade Select’s multi-material construction gives a long-life to the bag
  • Unlike the Ping Pioneer, TaylorMade Select doesn’t have a cooler pocket, a feature that many professionals will miss
  • While its 14-way divider is less than the Ping Pioneer’s 15-way divider, the bag has an oversized well for the putters and drivers
  • Many reviewers praise the bag’s bottom due to its anti-slip material that keeps it secure in place in the cart or on the course

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

PROSiMMON is known as a brand that produces the best-quality playing equipment for beginners and amateurs. Its PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag is well-known for its ample storage space and excellent features that help a new comer to easily get comfortable with his bag and his equipment, without much fuss. As our review shows, it is famous for its accessories and even professional golfers will agree with its functionalities.

Unique Specifications

  • External putter tube
  • Velcro glove holder

Why Should You Use the PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag?


The bag has one ball pocket, 14 full-length dividers, and an insulated pocket for storing drinks. Secure locking zippers helps the golfer to keep his equipment safe while carrying.

Apart from an external putter holder, it also has a Velcro glove handler to attach your golf gloves and an outer strap for your umbrellas.

External Putter Holder

The external putter holder helps the golfer to keep his putters separate from other clubs as they have larger heads. This causes other clubs from getting damaged by the putter rubbing against them.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • The external putter tube is a welcome addition for those who want to keep their putters separate from their other
  • The valuables pocket of the Prosimmon is fur-lined, which is of a lower quality than the TaylorMade and Ping Pioneer’s velour material
  • While being a cart bag, its light in weight (5.3 lbs) and can be carried through the golf course too
  • Its insulated drink cover helps beverages to be kept at the right temperature throughout the game on the course
  • Players that carry custom clubs will benefit from the divider set-up of the bag and its storage space and its external putter holder

Best Golf Bags for Trolleys (Considerations)

If you are a Tour Pro or an Average Joe, your needs demand that you acquire a suitable golf bag that will fulfill all your needs. Using an unsuitable golf bag would be like playing an expensive game only to lose it.

A good suitcase helps in carrying the most valuable tools of your game, and nothing less than the best should be selected for the task. The best golf bags are those that provide a safe refuge for our valuables, and our review brings out the best from the market.

If you have used any of the five products from our review, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.