Callaway Rogue X vs Taylormade M6 Irons (What Differentiates them?)

Callaway and Taylormade have been making golf irons and other accessories for the past decades. They have lots of signature accessories that are not only popular but can help bring a professional feel to any golfer’s game.

Among the favorites of many players are the Callaway Rogue X and the Taylormade M6 Irons. Callaway Rogue series has been on the market for quite a while. And the same can be said about the M6.

It’s common for new buyers to settle on two golf clubs with nice reviews and decent prices (out of dozens) but still find it difficult to settle on the best one.

This is what many people experience when they are about to upgrade or get new golf irons. The Taylormade M6 and Callaway Rogue are great but which one should you go for.

I try to compare these two in this article, so if you want to decide on just one, then keep reading.

Callaway Rogue X vs Taylormade M6 Irons (Comparison)

The Callaway Rogue X is one of the three in the Rogue family…and as the manufacturer claims, it’s one of the longest clubs they’ve ever made. It’s a 7-iron golf club that is suited for the 140- to 170-yard range.

Although professionals can definitely hit this distance, beginners may find it difficult to do so.

Callaway Rogue X Irons

Callaway Rogue X vs Taylormade M6

Technology is the word of the day. To be more precise – it’s the word of the age.

If appearance, forgiveness, and distance are the three options – a golfer with a Callaway Rogue can tick them all. Like its counterparts, Callaway Rogue has used technology to ramp up its effectiveness on the ground.

With the launch of various irons over the years, the Callaway siblings (Rogue, Rogue Pro, Rogue X and Rogue Women’s) surely live up to its price.

One of the design considerations of Rogue X is forgiveness, making it a suitable model for older guys and average golfers looking for distance help.

With this iron, beginners can get better launches and improved ball speed. Looking at the construction of this club, it’s clear that it’s a little clunky and strong lofted.

The result of this is lower spin and longer shots. However, this can cause inconsistent shots as a result of poorer ball control. Compared to the Rogue X, the previous Callaway Rogue may offer a better and more consistent shot and ball control.

360 Face Cup Technology for Better Flexibility

Callaway has retained the 360 Face Cup Technology (which appeared first in the 2014 Big Bertha Irons). With this, the iron has a very thin striking surface.

However, it also has a thin boundary area around the clubface which gives greater flexibility and an efficient release upon impact.

As Callaway puts it – It aims to push the ball speed to the unknown.

irons 2018 rogue x 3

Urethane Microsphere Technology for Better Sound

Another interesting aspect of Callaway’s tech offering is Urethane Microsphere Technology. Since thin-faced irons produce an unpleasant vibrating sound, some Irons insert material in the head to suppress it, which in turn leads to a slower speed.

Callaway Rogue Iron solves this dilemma. The brand’s Urethane Microsphere technology silences this vibration without slowing the speed.

Design on the Rogue X

The shaft material Rogue X Irons comes in steel or graphite material and you can choose from different flexes including ladies, light, stiff, and regular.

What if you’re left-handed? Yes, you’re covered. The Rogue X is available in left-hand or right-hand sets, thus catering for all categories of golfers.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • In terms of technology, compared to TaylorMade, Callaway is the clear winner as it employs 360 cup face, VFT, Tungsten infused Internal Standing Wave (ISW), and Urethane Microspheres.
  • In terms of looks, Mizuno JPX 919 and Srixon Z series with its forged iron has a better visual appeal at the address confirms what people say, “Golf is all about what’s in the head.”
  • Rogue Irons are tagged as ‘distance machines’. Hence, a prudent mid handicapper can go a long way with the Callaway Rogue compared to other irons like the Ping G410 when it comes to ball distance.

If you’re looking for a golf club that’s beautiful and not bulky, then the Callaway Rogue X isn’t your tool. It’s a heavy Iron although it boasts of higher forgiveness compared to the counterparts.

Don’t forget, what always matters is your own confidence and skill. With them, you can play any golf club like a professional. In addition, no matter how much you get on clubs, if you don’t actually practice to gain consistency and work on your distance, you’ll not move a spot.

So, get a good golf club and work on your game.

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set

Callaway Rogue X vs Taylormade M6

Stephen Covey says, “Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust”. If you are a speed enthusiast, then the latest TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set is the obvious choice.

Let’s face it. The innovative Speed Bridge Technology has nailed it and made M6 the overall killer that has changed for the better and unlocked new value for mid-handicap golfers.

See for yourself.

Speed Pocket Technology for Better Speed

M6 (which is basically the bigger version of M5) is the first iron that uses a flexible thru-slot Speed Pocket to generate ball speed. This feature makes it better than previous M2 and M4 sets.

Rather than using a welded supplementary piece, it is now a single piece of a stainless steel beam with a polymer vibration dampener that joins the crown to the sole of the iron, thus improving the feel, increasing the sound, and giving it all that a golfer needs – a visual appeal.

Quick Review – this technology has changed the way the iron face behaves with ball impact.

Now, what about getting the ball airborne?

360° undercut Fluted Hosel for Better Ball Flight

A pro-golfer trusts the loft and grooves on the iron rather than on his hands and wrists to get the ball in the air. M6 is designed with a 360° undercut Fluted Hosel that generates a strong ball flight with the help of its launch angle.

This relocates the weight to the back of the head and creates a low center of gravity.

taylormade m6 iron

A Game Changer

Game Improvement Iron – This is what the manufacturers call the M5 and M6. And by all means, it is!

These two recent versions of 2019 are the fourth innovative generation of the M series and the biggest game-changer is the speed. The M5 and M6 versions deliver shots 1.5 mph higher than the M2 and M4 versions, thus giving them a substantial advantage.

In terms of yards, M6 goes more yards compared to M5 due as the spots are 1.5° stronger.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • It may seem that the M6 lacks the feel compared to counterparts like the Mizuno and Srixon forged. However, its foam infused design is a win-win for mid-handicappers looking for distance and speed.
  • In terms of how the ball impact feels to your ears, Callaway Rogue Irons wins with its Urethane Microsphere Technology.
  • TaylorMade’s innovative technological improvement trumps all other Irons as it consistently gives the best speed and yardage – all that a golfer needs.

Callaway Rogue X vs Taylormade M6 Irons (Conclusion)

It’s not only about choosing the best golf irons. You need to work on your game. Examine where you currently are and what you need to do to improve. If you have poor golfing skills, you don’t get better with accessories. You get better with practice.

So when you work harder at your game, upgrading the tools will be easy.

So, get a good golf club and work on your game.

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