Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

best hybrid golf clubs

It is often said, Fortune favors the bold. In the golf course though, Fortune favors the smart.

Choosing the best hybrid golf club depends upon the type of golfer one is.

Golf as a game has come to a point where players invest a fortune in getting the right golf bag. How much more so would he think about the type of clubs that he carries in them?

best hybrid golf clubs No golfer has ever purchased a club and loved it for life.

Technological innovation and evolution have given us the wonderful hybrid club or the ‘rescue’ clubs – and there has been no looking back ever since.… Read More

Best Putters for High Handicappers

best putters for high handicappers

The Bread and Butter of your game!

Making a wrong choice in selecting the putter can be dangerous to a golfer and probably fatal for the high handicapper. Many beginners purchase a putter with all the right features, but still find them not working on the green. Is there a putter out there that will help you to Putt like a Pro?

Beginners and high handicappers always struggle to hit that closing stroke on the golf course. If a handicapper wants to move up the ladder to become a pro, he needs to close that final strike at one go.… Read More

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in Bag

how to arrange golf clubs in bag

If you are a golf player, then you sure know that hitting the golf course without a neatly arranged golf bag can cost you more than you can think of.

It is your best friend during the game and it is designed to fit everything you will need throughout the game on the golf course.

Apart from wasting valuable time, an unorganized bag can seriously damage your expensive golf clubs. In order to do avoid this, you will need to pay attention to the way you organize your golf bag prior to your game.

If you find yourself often scrambling for clubs in the bag, then it’s time to take a step back and learn the basics of how to arrange golf clubs in the golf bag.… Read More

Graphite Vs Steel Shaft Irons: Which Should Be In Your Bag?

graphite vs steel shaft irons

Which is the next club in your bag?

Professional golfers consider the shaft as the engine or the driving force of the golf club.

The shaft is the instrument that helps you to pass on the energy from your hands to the golf ball. The shaft of a club provides the necessary flex to complement the golf swing.

The flex is such an important factor that shafts have their own flex rating to help the golfer select the best club for his game.

While early golf clubs were made of wood so as to not damage leather golf balls, the game has evolved to the point that golf balls are now made with sturdy solid rubber and thermoplastic material.… Read More

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club?

hit hybrid golf club

Sweet Spot. That’s the magic word in the golf world and on the golf course. As the adage goes, these spots not only let you enjoy the game but also expand them.

A number of high and mid-handicappers always struggle to find that ‘sweet spot’ to play a clean strike. Imitating professional golfers who seem to hit their balls hard does no good for average golfers using long irons. The secret is to ‘swing’ the ball and not ‘sweep’ it. Well, that’s easier said than done!

It’s like the clubs are telling the golfer – Hit me if you can!

To solve this dilemma and ‘rescue’ these golfers, a new and innovative club was designed that changed the way people thought about the game.… Read More

3 Wood vs 3 Hybrid – Which One Can Give You the Best Results?

Just a few years ago, it was a rare sight to see hybrid clubs and fairway woods in the bags of pro-golfers. Those playing the PGA Tours relied on their long irons for their shots.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, do you view your hybrids and woods as the last-minute replacements for your irons?

Or do you view them as class weapons for your game? While there are major differences between the 3-wood and a 3-hybrid, the circumstances and the skill of the golfer play an important part in deciding which one is suitable for your next game.… Read More