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Each club in a golfers arsenal [bag] must fit the golfers game. Here we will look at many top of the line clubs and breakdown each component, from the shaft, to the grip and the club head. What materials make up the ultimate wood for long-distance fairways or tee shots; when to pick the iron over the wood, or is there a hybrid option that combines design elements of woods and irons that would make a better choice? We also take on the putter (short and tall) to make up your ultimate golf bag.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

best hybrid golf clubs

It is often said, Fortune favors the bold. In the golf course though, Fortune favors the smart. Choosing the best hybrid golf club depends upon the type of golfer one is. Golf as a game has come to a point…

Best Putters for High Handicappers

best putters for high handicappers

The Bread and Butter of your game! Making a wrong choice in selecting the putter can be dangerous to a golfer and probably fatal for the high handicapper. Many beginners purchase a putter with all the right features, but still…

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club?

Sweet Spot. That’s the magic word in the golf world and on the golf course. As the adage goes, these spots not only let you enjoy the game but also expand them. A number of high and mid-handicappers always struggle…