Titleist TS2 vs TS3: Differences and Similarities Reviewed

When Titleist promises they want to give golfers faster drivers, many wonder what products would receive the new design. Unfailingly, Titleist introduced the T series, starting with the T1 driver.

As you probably know, the first model in a series doesn’t always fill all the gaps.

There would always be a need for improvement. And that’s what the T2 and T3 drivers came to do, with a major improvement in the head and shaft of the two drivers.

Since they’re the iteration of the T1, they must have some similarities, and certainly some differences.

If you’re looking to get one of these, then you should know the unique differences between the two. This way, you’re able to decide if you should go with the T2 or the T3 if it’s worth the upgrade.

Let’s go down memory lane on what the Titleist Speed Project 2 and 3 have to offer you. Sit down, relax, and let’s go in:

Titleist TS2 vs TS3: Any Differences?

Titleist TS2 Driver Review

Titleist TS2 Driver When it comes to speed, the Titleist TS2 is the best option for experienced and new players.

Its modern design, more than a sight to behold, comes with a 460cc shape that provides a higher launch at a lower spin. Similar to its TS3 counterpart, the TS2’s head has reverted to its glossy, dark color.

Aside from that, its fulcrum looks slightly longer from the front to the back. The reason behind it is the minor changes in its former design.


Not only this product looks good, but it also possesses an adjustable swing weight.

Another great thing about this product is that it significantly increases the golfer’s speed, with forgiveness that can take their adversaries’ breath away.

Something interesting to keep in mind is that the TS2 possesses titanium crowns that emit a metallic, powerful sound, although it’s only somewhat louder than its predecessors.

Performance and Speed

As for its performance, the Titleist TS2 Driver doesn’t disappoint. Golfers only need to fine-tune the head and shaft for dispersion.

Although there is room for improvement, one of its many advantages is that this powerful driver has an excellent first hit. Talk about making a nice impression at the beginning of the match!

Of course, the Titleist TS2 Driver has more to offer than just speed, a slick design and a powerful swing.

Thanks to its wider and stretched head, it provides the stability that many golfers require. One important thing to mention is that, according to research, it also grants the user an excellent carry.


However, no product is perfect. Its extra-long shaft could be a potential hindrance for those that struggle with control, especially for those who are just starting themselves in the field.

According to the experts at Golf Monthly, the TS2 shares this issue with its sibling, the TS3, although not as threatening as one might think.

Titleist TS3 Driver Review

Titleist TS3 Driver A Top-Quality Driver for Every Golf Player

Titleist is one of the most well-known companies in the field of golf equipment and the latest TS3 golf driver has not failed us.

Featuring a traditional design, high-performance, and a more than satisfying feel, TS3 fully backs up all the fuss it has made in the market.


TS3 offers two very good reasons for you to purchase: ball speed and lower spin. This driver produces a strong and robust speed thanks to its higher MOI and thinner face.

When you move off the center of the face, the ball will gain more speed and that will help players of all levels of experience enjoy their next golf session.

TS3 also provides lower spin and thus, longer drives. In fact, it can easily compete with almost any other driver that’s currently available on the market in this term.

Sound and Feel

The sound of TS3 is something between average and quiet. When you hit the center the tone can be a bit bassy and when you wander off-center, you get some clear audio feedback.

The feel of this model is great, as well.

If you hit the center, you will feel the solid bump of the ball on the driver, whereas missing the center will normally allow you to know exactly where the ball was struck. That will help you improve your hitting technique and accuracy.

Why Choose Titleist TS3 Driver?

Whether you consider distance or accuracy to be the strongest point in a golf driver, the TS3 has it both.

This model offers fastball hits from the first shot and high levels of forgiveness all combined in a traditional-looking, yet extremely efficient design.

The color of TS3 is glossy black and the sound it makes once you hit the ball is metallic and louder than the one you get from composite drivers.

Compared to TS2, the new TS3 version offers the benefit of additional fitting options. Golfers can dial in their shot shape via the SureFit CG weight cartridge.


Overall, Titleist has satisfied the golfer’s need for increased speed and lower spin with its TS3 driver. It is designed for golfers of all levels of experience and it can help improve your game considerably.

After all, choosing a high-quality golf driver can make all the difference to your ability to hit the balls at the very center of them, ensuring longer-covered distances and higher accuracy.

Titleist TS2 vs TS3: Differences Reviewed

Both drivers are similar in construction and both are well made. The T2 is more modern looking while the T3 has maintained the convention look.

While T3 offers explosive distance across the face and maximum forgiveness, the T3 offers speed-tune distance and dynamic forgiveness. In addition, the T3 driver offers more or less a mid-launch, compared to the high launch of the T2.

The T2 driver has more weight outside the club and a wider body which makes for more MOI than the T3 driver.

The bigger size of the T2 also means it is more forgiving than the T3. Also, if you’re an aggressive swing, the T2 might be more fitting with its fixed weight.

The T3’s weight, on the other hand, is much more adjustable, being magnetic that you can swap from one location to another.