Is it Possible to Have a DIY Putting Green?

Whether you’re looking for a nice stress reliever or you’re committed to improving your short game, your own personal putting green is always a good investment.  Adhering to the “Drive for show, putt for ” adage, 6iRMCputting is hands-down the most important part of the game.  Nothing’ more embarrassing than missing an easy putt!! If you shoot an 85 on 18 holes, on average you’ll have 34 putts per round, and if you shoot a 71 you’ll average 29 putts per round.  Long story short, putting is just as important for any casual golfer as well as pros. Here’s a guide for making your very own DIY putting green.

If you’re a millionaire with plenty of money to spend, I’d recommend buying a putting green or even getting one built.  It’s very hard to replicate a real putting green, especially by yourself.  But then again, if you were a millionaire I doubt you’d be reading this guide.

So what exactly do we need?  Let’s make a list of what you need to make your very own putting green!

  • A hole-like container, preferably non-breakable (i.e. a plastic cup or round Tupperware)
  • A semi-flat surface/floor to practice on. Solid carpet works best to replicate a putting green!
  • A putter (DUH!)
  • Two batteries (they don’t need to be charged break out the old tv remote ones)
  • One ball or more depending if you’re likely to lose them under the sofa.

The two batteries are to form a gate for your putter to practice appropriate contact and good follow through.  As shown in the picture, you want to line it up with the hole and make sure your putter makes solid contact and follows tImageHandlerhrough on a line to the hole (or in your case, the cup!)

That’s our guide to making your own DIY putting green, and hopefully, it works out well for ya! If you find yourself on an uneven floor, you can practice uphill/downhill break for those tough par 4’sAny day out on the course is better than a day at work, but bringing the course to you isn’t too bad .  Happy golfing!!

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