How to Arrange Golf Clubs in Bag

If you are a golf player, then you sure know that hitting the golf course without a neatly arranged golf bag can cost you more than you can think of.

It is your best friend during the game and it is designed to fit everything you will need throughout the game on the golf course.

Apart from wasting valuable time, an unorganized bag can seriously damage your expensive golf clubs. In order to do avoid this, you will need to pay attention to the way you organize your golf bag prior to your game.

If you find yourself often scrambling for clubs in the bag, then it’s time to take a step back and learn the basics of how to arrange golf clubs in the golf bag.

Identifying the Type of Bag

how to arrange golf clubs in bag
The first thing you need to consider is the type of bag you have; since some golf bags have two partitions, while some have three or more.

Once you have identified your bag’s particularities it becomes easier to start stacking things.

Do not overcrowd your bag with clubs you might not need as this will only make it more difficult for you to pick the club you need at the right time.

After you have identified what you really need to carry with you, you can move on to the next step of organizing your golf bag.

Keep the Clubs in Order

The next step to set up the clubs in a golf bag is to start organizing your clubs from the backside of the bag – the area closest to the shoulder strap.

As a rule of thumb, the clubs should be arranged from the left to the right and should be placed in a way that no group of clubs is obstructing the other and you are able to see all the clubs in front of you.

  • So if you have a carry type bag, the woods, drivers, and the putter should be stored at the last section of the bag (if the bag doesn’t come equipped with a putter sleeve). The advantage of keeping the putter in the last compartment is that it prevents the risk of it getting damaged by banging to the long irons.
  • If the total of your woods, drivers and hybrids come to four, then the entire set can be kept in your last section. However, if your total is less than four, you can include the longer irons with them in the back section.
  • The middle section is reserved for your 7, 8, 9 irons on the right and 4, 5, 6 irons to the left.
  • The last or the bottom section can be used to store the smallest clubs or the wedges (sand wedges and pitching wedges).

how to arrange golf clubs in bag 3 Arranging your clubs from longest to shortest and from back to front balances the bag while walking and also coincidentally keeps your golf clubs in numerical order as well.

If you decide to carry a cart bag, it would be necessary to reverse the order of your club arrangement.

So when the golfer is pushing the bag forward, the heavier and longer clubs would be in front of him and the lighter ones at the back.

Everything mentioned above provides a good solution when it comes to organizing your bag.

It cannot be denied that an organized golf club may actually help your game allowing quick retrieval and return of all clubs that you may use during the whole course.

Knowing where each of your clubs is located may speed your pace of play, and it will help you concentrate on your next shot, rather than where your golf club is.

Yet, there is no right or wrong way to arrange your clubs – so something that might be convenient for one player may not be for the other. Always keep in mind your own needs and preferences, and then adjust your golf bag accordingly.