Best Putters for High Handicappers

The Bread and Butter of your game!

Making a wrong choice in selecting the putter can be dangerous to a golfer and probably fatal for the high handicapper. Many beginners purchase a putter with all the right features, but still find them not working on the green. Is there a putter out there that will help you to Putt like a Pro?

Beginners and high handicappers always struggle to hit that closing stroke on the golf course. If a handicapper wants to move up the ladder to become a pro, he needs to close that final strike at one go. For an amateur golfer, this part of the game may look the easiest, but only a pro golfer can tell that this is the most difficult part.

While this may make ‘putting’ a formidable task, there are many putters available in the market that can make a golfer winning this climax of the battle. Today, I am going to discuss the 5 best putters for high handicappers. While each of these is unique in terms of technology and innovation, a thorough comparison of these putters will ensure that you have the best of the lot in your bag!

Let’s have a quick look at our top 5 picks:

  • TaylorMade Golf 2018 Interactive Spider Putter
  • Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter
  • Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter
  • Tour Edge Hp Series Red Putter

Our overall winner is a putter and a real-time coach!

1. TaylorMade Golf 2018 Interactive Spider Putter

Tech Specs:

  • Powered by BLAST
  • Pure Roll Insert

51XN6e4K4ALTaylorMade’s 2018 Interactive putter is the most innovative putter that combines BLAST motion sensor on its grip. This is one of the ‘firsts’ in the history of TaylorMade’s technological product innovation, where the grip houses the sensor technology.

Tour players and beginners praise the Interactive putter due to its paradigm-shifting technology in creating an integrated golf sensor product that combines the three different parameters – the putter, the SuperStroke grip and the interactive sensor. Golfers can refine and master their putting skills by analyzing their performance on the green.

Whether it is the consumer or the customer, with this SMART putter, TaylorMade certainly has a success story to crave in its annals – both at the retail and the professional level.

How does it help the high handicapper?

  1. Powered by BLAST: A high-handicapper needs constant analysis of his performance to up his ante. The Blast motion sensor technology provides the golfer with performance attributes like forward stroke time, backward stroke time, face rotation and impact stroke speed. Once the golfer installs the app on his mobile, he can improve his game faster with timely and accurate feedback.
  2. Improved Stability: The Spider interactive putter has a lightweight 6061 aluminum body with a 304 stainless steel frame. This combination provides the high handicapper with increased stability and high MOI as the weights are positioned at the extreme ends of the putter.
  3. Distance Control: Spider’s milled aluminum Pure Roll Insert helps the golfer with an improved forward roll and reduced skidding. Largely, a high handicapper can get accuracy in direction and distance control owing to its gunmetal finished design. The overall benefit is that all of these upgrades have not added any weight to the putter.

How does it compare with other putters?

  • TaylorMade’s Interactive technology makes it a clear winner in terms of innovation and evolution of the game. No other putter comes close to this arena where a golfer can analyze his performance in real-time.
  • In terms of consistency, the Cleveland Huntington wins with its deeper grooves on the club head compared to TaylorMade’s pure roll aluminum insert.
  • The SuperStroke grip in TaylorMade is quite innovative compared to other putters as it has dual use – providing a grip and housing the interactive golf sensor.
  • While TaylorMade provides its product at a higher price than the other putters, it does mean serious business in terms of providing value to the customer’s penny.

Our next putter promises consistent shots at an affordable price!

2. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter

Quick Specs:

  • Tour-proven shapes
  • Precision milled face
  • 304 Stainless Steel

51ODrns8qhLGolfers who used the Cleveland Golf TFI 2531 Series were happy when the new Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter series was launched. The Huntington Series provided a value for the price with more improved materials and used 304 stainless steel material compared to 17-4 stainless steel material in the previous generation. This improvement means that it’s 51% softer and gives more room for customization, as the player can adjust the lie angle up and down by 4 degrees. All in all, this gives the golfer an improved feel with the new design.

Combining classic design with modern technology has made it an instant hit among high-handicappers. With an improved feel, improved performance and improved consistency, the Huntington series, named after the Huntington based headquarters, certainly provides ‘premium for pennies’.

How does Cleveland help High Handicappers?

  1. Mid-Sized Grip: Stability comes before a perfect putting stroke. The mid-sized grip of the Huntington helps the high-handicapper get the perfect stability during the setup thus aiding in direction and speed.
  2. Consistent Hit: High handicappers face the constant trouble of overshooting during short distances. The Huntington helps the player in hitting a consistent and accurate shot due to the way it’s built. Cleveland has created grooves that are four times deeper in the milled face (compared to the previous-generation Classic Collection HB putters) with a coarse diamond pattern that’s designed to eliminate the friction and backspin after the ball is struck.
  3. Improved Scores: The Huntington provides six different models to help high handicappers adjust their game and stability. The Precision milled face ensures that the golfer gets consistent distance and speed no matter where he strikes the putt.

How does it compare with other Putters?

  1. For a golfer looking at customization, the Cleveland is the best choice it has a softer feel and has the option to bend the lie angle.
  2. Cleveland’s 304 stainless steel design has added strength to the club, without compromising on the softness. Average golfers find the Pinemeadow and the Odyssey less durable than the Cleveland.
  3. The precision milled face insert puts it above Pinemeadow and Odyssey. While the micro-grooves on the Tour Edge HP seem at par with Cleveland, however, at this price range, it is no match to the diamond-shaped pattern that allows for a smooth, true roll.
  4. While the face insert is a winning point for Pinemeadow, TaylorMade still holds the market in terms of innovation.

Let’s move on to a putter whose design and price, both are good for the eyes!

3. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Tech Specs

  • 2X ORB Alignment System
  • Nano White Finish

41ZcoBgOHoLThe Pinemeadow PGX SL is branded as the most popular model ever launched by Pinemeadow. The 2X ORB alignment system makes PGX as the clear winner among its predecessors. The SGX comes with a clean white Nano finish that greatly improves the overall look of the putter. It weighs 340 grams, making it heavier than the other Pinemeadow putters. While this guarantees the overall feel, the face insert technology eliminates ball skipping and creates a smooth roll for the golfer. An added feature is the free headcover provided by Pinemeadow for protecting the putter when not in use.

How does it help the high handicappers?

  1. Shock Absorption: The SGX SL comes with a standard black and green spider grip which is manufactured by combining fiber layers and polyurethane. These materials make the griphold more comfortable yet firm and increase the shock absorption. The SGX’s resistance to shock makes it popular among high handicappers and older players who are unable to withstand prolonged vibrations and shocks on impact.
  2. Alignment: The putter head has been designed using the 2X ORB Alignment System that helps a golfer to line up his putt and stabilize his shot upon impact. This helps the high handicapper to keep his eye on the shot for the target. The ‘Plumber neck’ offset hosel design also helps the golfer in setting up his shot and ensuring this putt is aligned accurately.
  3. Nano White finish: The Nano white finish on the head provides a great contrast to the putting green surface. While this certainly improves the look of the putter, it also helps new golfers and high handicappers to focus their attention on the ball and the alignment of the surface. It also greatly reduces the glare against the green surface below, thus helping with improved visibility.
  4. Weight: The SGX is heavier than the other putters by about 40 grams. For a high handicapper, this means good balance that helps in giving a soft and good spin and reduces skidding across the green.

How does it compare with other putters?

  1. Pinemeadow’s 2X ORB Alignment system comes parallel to the Eyefit system of the Odyssey. Since both are ergonomically designed, they are the best fit for beginners and older golfers who are interested in customizing their shots.
  2. The Spider grip is the best compared to Cleveland Huntington, Odyssey and Tour Edge as they are made of materials that assist in shock absorption. TaylorMade’s SuperStroke grip however, scores above the Pinemeadow due to its sensor technology.
  3. Compared to other mallet style putters, the Pinemeadow is quite affordable in light of the various features that it packs.
  4. In terms of the clubface and the insert, Pinemeadow ranks lower as it lacks the high-end materials that other putters in our list have used. Due to this, some pro-golfers call this as the introductory putter for the newbie.

Our next pick promises more forgiveness.

4. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Quick Specs:

  • High-end PVD finish
  • Re-engineered White Hot Insert
  • Contrasting alignment aids on the top line

31z2QiGowHLA mishit is the nightmare of the high-handicapper. While the center strike gives the best shot, one off-strike can ruin the game. Callaway’s Odyssey White Hot Pro comes with a re-engineered white hot insert that provides the golfer consistent performance throughout the game. Becoming a successful golfer requires meticulous performance on all types of ground and weather conditions. All credit goes to Callaway’s laser milling cutting process which provides a high tolerance for golfers.

The Odyssey provides the golfer with an improved look with its Crank neck hosel design. It also features a full shaft offset that helps in taking an upward strike by keeping the golfer’s hands ahead of the ball.

How does it help the high handicapper?

  1. Eyefit system: The system helps the golfer to select the best-fit head shape based on his setup before the strike. With this system, if the high handicapper decides to stand close to the ball, he can give a straight stroke. While standing farther from the ball, he can give a solid putt using an arc-like stroke.
  2. Accuracy and Alignment: The Heel/toe placement of the putter increases the forgiveness for the high handicapper. This also increases the placement across the face which makes Odyssey the ideal putter for high handicappers who look for maximum feedback at impact. Along with this, the putter also provides proper alignment due to its timeless blade head.
  3. Firm grip material: The Winn Odyssey Putter Grip gives the high handicapper greater control of the game. It also ensures consistency during all the weather conditions.

How does it compare with other Putters?

  1. If a golfer is looking for a putter that is sleek and cool to the eyes, then the Odyssey clearly emerges as the most stylish of the lot. The White hot insert adds years to its life!
  2. Compared to other putters, Golfers take more time to get used to the Odyssey. Many players also find the head to be less weighty, thus impacting the overall performance.
  3. As Callaway’s putter brand, its white hot insert gives the much sought after ‘click’ on impact, thus giving a feel superior to TaylorMade and Pinemeadow putters.
  4. Most importantly, Odyssey falls flat in terms of innovation and technology and can do much better to compete with other innovate putters in the market.

The final putter of the list has ensured that your grip wins for you.

5. Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 Putter

Tech Specs:

  • Face insert with micro-grooves
  • Jumbo Putter Grip

41KS1mQGO9LThe HP Red 10 series provides the classy golfer with different head designs from traditional black to modern white. The HP stands for High Performance, and this putter surely lives up to its name. The microgrooves and the head design act as excellent alignment aids for the high handicapper. Known as the affordable putter, it was used by the Japanese JLPGA player Ryu Ritsuko for her tour in 2012 leading to two wins.

How does it help the high handicapper?

  1. Micro-Grooves: The HP series has designed the face with micro-groove technology which eliminates skidding and ensures a smooth roll for the high handicapper. The grooves on the face of the club helps in spin as their edges grab the ball while the empty spaces on the insert works as an inlet to let the water and dirt on the ball to pass away.
  2. Jumbo Grip: HP series jumbo grip provides superior grip for the high handicappers and the senior golfers. The grip ensures less feedback upon impact leading to increased comfort and smooth putting stroke. The grip ensures that the high handicapper puts exerts less pressure on holding the club, leading to softer touch and this less undue club rotation on impact.

How does it compare with other putters?

  1. While it looks similar to the TaylorMade Spider line, the price point is the greatest differentiator. Beginners and high handicappers can give the Tour Edge a try to ensure they don’t get locked with an unsuitable putter after spending a chunk of dollars on it.
  2. Compared to the PineMeadow, TourEdge has poor quality paint which may increase the glare for the golfer during sunny days.
  3. While micro-grooves certainly help with the spin, however, it falls flat compared to the technology used by the preceding putters. On dry and clean greens, micro-grooves will generate the same spin as that by a flat faced putter.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best putter is, in fact, choosing to win or to lose.

While there are the ‘best’ putters out there, a high handicapper needs to choose the best suitable putter for his game. While each putter may seem the best of the best, a careful analysis will help you in getting the right one for your bag.

Golf as a game is ever-changing and ever-innovating. The coming months will see the launch of more sophisticated golf accessories. Since the parameters for purchasing new putters will remain the same, make each pick of yours give the best it can give.