Taylormade P790 Review – Get Detailed Info Before Buying

Get good breaks on bad shots!

Are you a high-handicapper who often struggles to find the center of your clubface? Or are you a low-handicapper who yearns for a club that is appealing yet powerful? If yes, then the TaylorMade P790 Iron is the best deal for you.

taylormade p790 Tomo Bystedt, the Senior Director of TaylorMade’s Product Creation department, mentioned that they had rethought the entire construction process of the product to give the golfer a club that is aesthetically attractive and workable.

In this TaylorMade p790 review we look at how technological innovations have proved that they have the necessary acumen to overcome barriers and make their product the best one in the market.

Launched in October 2017, The P790 is fourth-in-line after the P730, P750, and P770.

While their features may seem similar, it’s the technology that makes the difference. Our review will help you get to know it better.

SpeedFoam Technology

Foam is injected into the toe of the club to deliver a soft feel and improve the responsiveness of the club on impact.

With a thin clubface, manufacturers often struggle to inject material that preserves the low-weight of the club and improves the quality of shots.

The light foam material which is injected through the opening provides the necessary catalyst that allows the club to flex and generate a spring-like effect that considerably increases the clubhead speed.

Benefits: Even during off-center hits, High and Mid-handicappers experience less vibration and more sound and feel upon impact due to the sound-damping feature of the technology.

Earlier irons sacrificed distance for the sound and feel; however, the P790 has used the Speed Foam to provide both the elements at the same time.

Cut-Thru Speed Pocket

taylormade 1 The P790 has a forged 4140 carbon steel wrapped-face with an ultra-thin thickness of 1.75mm that gives it greater flex on impact.

The lower part of the clubface is now exceptionally flexible due to the cut-thru Speed Pocket in the sole.

Benefits: If you are accustomed to hitting low at the clubface, the Speed Pocket ensures that you will still achieve higher ball speed and thus, forgiveness.

With the new design, P790 provides more consistent shots not generally seen in forged irons.

Inverted Cone Technology

After using it for its drivers, TaylorMade has used its popular Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) for Irons as well.

The ultra-thin clubface is re-engineered with smaller, revamped ICT to enhance flexibility.

The thin inner edges allow thickness to vary across the face, and make it possible to hit longer shots anywhere from the heel to the toe.

Center of Gravity

TaylorMade’s longer irons have a lower CoG, while shorter irons have higher. This progressive CoG technology ensures that you don’t lose control of your shot.

Benefits: Progressive Center of Gravity helps you to get a higher ball flight on launch with more distance. If you are hitting from the rough or the fairway, you are assured of landing on the green with the P790.

Tungsten Weight Placement

To increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and calibrate the Center of Gravity (CoG), tungsten weight has been added into the center of the clubface through a screw.

Benefits: The metal-injection-molded (MIM) weight assures straighter and longer shots even at off-center strikes. It also ensures optimized ball launch and spin conditions on all the irons in the set.

taylormade 2

Offset and Shaft Quality

During the TaylorMade p790 review we found the club comes with minimal offset, which helps in the golf swing, ball flight and shot shape.

It comes with a Dynamic Gold 105 gram shaft, which is lighter than other stock shafts but still maintains the same look and feel of the original material.

Benefit: Lighter shafts mean greater ball speeds with a faster clubhead response.

Let’s Review

Pros Cons
P790 is a ‘Game Enhancement’ iron for mid handicappers who concentrate on ball distance than the overall appeal of the club

 With a blade length of 79mm (from where it derived its name) it offers greater forgiveness than other clubs

 It Scores on forgiveness due to its workability on off-center mishits

 Speed Pocket technology gives you great feedback with a clear, clean shot

 The playability and the feel of the P790 are similar to other irons in the market. Low-handicappers thus have a large brand pool to select from

High-handicappers who often fail to strike from the center may give the P790 a miss and move towards the TaylorMade’s M series or other irons in the market

 Some golfers may find that the high ball-speed feature would hamper their chances to land their ball where they desire

 Premium materials come with a premium price point. As with the other clubs, TaylorMade is at the higher-end of the spectrum, whose price may not be an ideal fit for all players

 Compared to other clubs, some golfer may find that P790 gives lower spin rates

Marketed as a players’ iron, the P790 promises incredible speed and distance. As TaylorMade’s Senior Director Tomo Bystedt says, TaylorMade has created an Iron that it’s beautiful and powerful at the same time.

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