TaylorMade M1 vs. M2: Which Driver Is Better?

The sports world has witnessed the launch of an overwhelming number of equipment brands. No surprise that a game so popular would have an infinite number of paraphernalia that meets each player’s odds and ends.

It should be said – If golf had Oscars, then TaylorMade would have taken it home every year. When TaylorMade launched the new version of the club, punters started to wonder what the difference between the TaylorMade  M1 vs M2 driver.

So, let’s understand the salient features and stack these siblings against each other.

TaylorMade M1 vs. M2: Review of Each Driver

1. TaylorMade M1 Driver

People who purchased the M1 soon discovered that they had unlocked a superpower. While designing the TaylorMade M1 Driver, the engineers decided to reshape the internal acoustics to improve the MOI and the ball speed.

Technical Specifications

taylormade m1 vs m2 T-Track System

The M1 has been introduced with an intuitive weight track system that allows golfers to adjust the weights on the back of the club.

The golfer can use the Torque wrench (that comes along with the set) to position the weights according to his needs.

The Red launch weight located at the back of the club can be moved forward or backward to help manipulate the launch and the spin.

Moving it back can increase the spin while moving it forward can lower the spin.

Front and Back Track System

The Front Track of the club consists of a 15-gram weight while the Back Track system consists of a 10-gram weight that helps in creating more draw curvature or more fade curvature.

Ultra-Lightweight Loft Sleeve

The aluminum loft sleeve has 12 adjustable settings that allow the golfer to adjust the loft and face angles without visiting the golf retail shop.

The golfer can be sure that with all the adjustments now possible, his forgiveness won’t be compromised. Inexperienced or talented, all types of golfers can use the M1 by adjusting their launch angle to their game.

6-layer Carbon Crown

TaylorMade M1 had used 43% more carbon than the 2016 TaylorMade M1 model. The use of more carbon saves weight and lowers down the center of gravity (CoG).

Golfers who struggle with long and consistent shots can use the TaylorMade M1 to increase the trajectory of their shots at any given loft angle.


  • The T-Track system helps to increase the launch by 1 degree and the spin by 300 reps.
  • The redesigned internal acoustic system controls vibration and pitch for a smooth trajectory.
  • The M1 provides greater ball distance, due to which many PGA Tour professionals use the driver during championships.
  • The M1 provides more forgiveness compared to its predecessors and during misses, the ball tends to be closer to the green than expected.

2. TaylorMade M2 Driver


“Better Everything” is what TaylorMade describes its M2 driver. Rather than simply being superior to its competitors, TaylorMade M2 is superior to its former self – the M2 2016.

While the M2 has retained most of its original design, there are some features that make it a golfer’s best friend on the course. In fact, the M2 was the most played driver by tour players in 2016.

Technical Specifications

taylormade m1 vs m2 Geocoustic Technology

TaylorMade engineers have revolutionized its driver by combining acoustical engineering with geometrical make-up.

Since a lot of players play the ball all over the face, it is important for the driver to give them more stability.

The sole portion of the driver is made of a thick-thin 9-1-1 Titanium material and also has its face volume risen by 7%.

This gives higher inertia and helps maintain consistent ball speed throughout the face of the club.

New Speed Pocket

The new speed pocket is three times more flexible than the earlier version.

It reduces the spin rate, gives a higher launch and a tighter ball flight – all of it without having to swing the club harder.

Ball Sound

The clubhead has a ribbed texture and a steep curve design which when combined with the Geocoustic sole gives an impressive sound upon impact.

While the golfer definitely feels proud to stand over the ball with his M2, the feedback upon impact inspires confidence after each shot.


  • The large clubface with the lightweight design has made the M2 an easy-to-use and easy-to-hit driver.
  • Players who want to maximize their distance can tap on the advantages of the M2 as it gives a lower spin rate and a higher trajectory.
  • The toe section, which has been sunk in a little, has resulted in a greater footprint. This redesign has ensured a reduction in the instances of the ball twisting on off-center strikes.

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TaylorMade M1 vs M2: Which One Wins?

taylormade m1 vs m2 More Forgiveness

The M2 has been designed with a mass of 25g located at the low and back of the sole, which gives more forgiveness than the TaylorMade M1.

Freeing up mass has increased the head size, which overall has increased the trajectory and ball speed.

The low-spinning and low-launching feature of the M2 ensures that the golfer gets more distance and more forgiveness.

Geometric Shaping

While the M1 had a T-Track system to improve launch angle and spin rates, M2’s geometric and acoustic re-design has ensured better performance across the face with fewer vibrations.

With the new design, the M2 has been stiffened up, giving an impressive visual appeal and feedback.

Face Structure

The M2 has been redesigned with a wider face structure than the M1. A larger face means a wider sweet spot which in turn results in an improved centre-strike and good ball speed.


The M1, with its T-Track system, offers more adjustability options than the M2. While the M1 helps the golfer adjust his fade/draw, loft, and forward/backward weight, with the M2, one can only adjust the loft.

So a beginner and a high-handicapper certainly would prefer the M1 in terms of adjusting the club to his game.

Making the adjustments to the M1 may seem cumbersome to some players, but it’s worth the effort once the adjustments translate into better shots.

Swing Speeds:

M1 is all about greater control and better spin. However, the golfers who possess faster swing speeds may find it difficult to use the M2, as they may not get accurate spin and control.

In Conclusion

taylormade m1 vs m2

The M1 and M2 are competitive siblings. There are many similarities between the two; however, each has its own unique traits that suit the player’s needs.

The M1 is made for players who are more concerned about spin and control. It is also for those who like to keep on adjusting their club angle to their shot.

However, golfers who are slow in their swing speed, but want more distance, can go for the M2. As the adage goes, whether it’s the M1 or the M2, a golfer needs to let his game decide his next club.

Experience is the best teacher though. So, if you can afford it, you can certainly try out the two. With the right setup, any of them can perform excellently.