Best Golf Swing Analyzer: Reviews and Comparison

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Golf is a game where you always wish you could change some things that happened on the course. Well, since a sport can’t have a literal rear-view mirror and a windshield to guide your journey, technology has made it possible to study the game you just played, forgive yourself and promise to be better next time.

Golf analyzers are helping beginners and advanced players to find their level in the game. The market is quite homogenous, with all products providing the same basic features.

Thus, any innovation in this regard ups the game for the product, and we have picked some of these analyzers that promise to take your game to the next level.

Each analyzer does what it’s supposed to do, but there is something in each that adds value to the price that the buyer pays. Here are our top five picks if you are looking for the best golf swing analyzer:

Our top pick has won 3 straight Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best Game Analyzer” awards.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer: Reviews and Comparison

Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

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Technical Specifications

GPS 2.0 with Rangefinder

Arccos is credited for being one of the first companies to use GOS system to calibrate with the golfer to record and analyze his shots in real-time. The GPS automatically gives you the distance to the front, middle and back of the green. The rangefinder feature gives you the distance to the desired point at the touch of a fingertip. It allows you to measure distances in meters and yards in more than 40,000 golf courses.

Low-Profile 14 Ultra-Light Sensors

Arccos has redesigned its sensors which are now 6mm shorter and 3 gms lighter than its predecessor. The sensors have to be screwed into the end of the club, and it is designed in a way that blends with your club and looks sleek and clean compared to other competitors. Once fitted to the club, you need to pair them on your device and use them one at a time to avoid confusion in your app detection.

Tour Analytics & Algorithm for Shot-Detection

The Tour Analytics feature breaks down your handicap into approach, chipping, putting driving and sand components, which help you to understand where you stand in your game.

The need for editing your score after your round is eliminated with the improved shot-reading algorithm. The scores are accurate and reliable.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • The benefits provided by the sensors outlast its guarantee period due to its well-built top-notch design. With a 5 year lifespan, Arccos easily outperforms all other analyzers from our list.
  • The app collects the data in real-time on your phone, so you don’t need to sync it every time you play a shot.
  • While you need to keep the phone in your pocket, you don’t need to tag or swap any sensors while playing. The app relies on Machine learning, allowing you to concentrate on your game while your sensor is working wonders!
  • You may need to replace the device if the irreplaceable battery runs out.
  • You may find it difficult to attach the sensors with some of your putters with counter-balanced weights. You may have to carry your sensor and then balance it on your putter to get the readings.
  • The need for putting the phone in the front pocket may not go well with all golfers.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

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Technical Specifications

Smart Coach Training System

The Smart coach system allows beginners to set their evaluation option that helps the app set a training plan according to their skills. Beginners can hit 10 practice shots and then follow the app training system that helps them focus on their weaknesses. The training also includes drill videos that include tests to see if they have improved.

Color-Coded Ratings

The color-coding system helps you in the presentation of your performance, which follows the traffic system coding. Each swing is compared with your goal and then given color to help you analyze your performance – with bad scores given red and the good ones green.

3D Swing Analysis

Zepp has come up with the video analysis feature, wherein you can video record and analyze your swing through the app on your phone. Once recorded, the app reads the shot and comes up with an impressive analysis. Each frame of the video is analyzed to the core which you can refer back to find any technical lacunae.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • The Zepp Golf 2 scores well compared to its predecessors and competitors due to the clean yellow look of the sensor.
  • The sensors weigh 6.25gms, a whole 0.75 gms lesser than the Accros Caddie.
  • The additional gyroscope gives you an accurate reading of your shots, comparable to the Accros Golf 360’s Algorithms.
  • Zepp’s comes with a wearable sensor that may attract pro-golfers who prefer them to club-mounted trackers. Wearable sensors eliminate the need to re-attach the sensor on each club as you use them.
  • Pro-golfers (Apple brand loyalists) prefer the Zepp sensor as it is compatible with the Apple Watch too.
  • Some golfers have mentioned that the Zepp gave them inaccurate readings which had to be manually deleted after the round. The sensor will give a wrong reading if your shot is accurate, but your swing speed was slow.
  • The Zepp app may seem cumbersome for beginners who may struggle with setting their swing, tempo, and other preset options.

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

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Like any other analyzer, the Blast Swing latches on to the club pretty quickly. If you are focused on improving your swing, the Blast Golf Swing Analyser helps you concentrate on the timing of your stroke.

Unlike other sensors which give a load of non-useful data, Blast ensures that you only get data that you need. Here are some salient features that give the brand the reputation that it has.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Smart Technology & 3D Motion

The device consists of smart Bluetooth that instantly connects the device to any of your mobile devices. It also captures the 3D motion of your every move during the game. It starts recording the metrics without being activated by the user and records only when the club strikes the ball.

Adaptive Slow-mo Technology

The device allows users to see different metrics of the game in slow motion, often frame-by-frame, including the finer details so that you can study and analyze the game better. It also has action replay support to give the user a seamless experience in analyzing his game.

Putting and Full Swing Metrics Capturing

Every time you putt, you are presented with 11 data points, each accompanied by a video explaining the importance of the metrics and how to improve on them. Apart from this, it also captures data like swing speed, blast factor, and swing tempo.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • When it comes to analyzing your putting strokes, the Blast Motion is the best compared to others that we have reviewed in this list.
  • Compared to other products, some pro-golfers may find the dashboard a bit difficult to navigate, leaving room for much improvement.
  • While some features may seem lacking, the product is affordable compared to the 3Bays or the Zepp Golf 2.
  • Aligning the sensor to the clubface may be an issue for some golfers, given the fact that others in the market provide hassle-free latching.
  • The attachment mechanism of the device, i.e., sliding the sensor over the grip or wedging it may need more effort than the other sensors.
  • Technically the device is easy to use with its wireless charging and auto power-on feature when you turn on the app and begin to putt.

3Bays GSA-Zone Analyzer

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Technical Specifications

Alert System

The dashboard of the sensor comes with a feature that allows a 3D view of your swings. The app records your swing in HD view, thus enabling you to analyze each swing with a top-notch quality viewing experience.

This feature also gives a signal or alert to let you know your swing mistakes for prompt correction. Additionally, it also shows the angle of your strike and the shaft lean feature to help you gauge your alignment.

Sophisticated Design

The dashboard comes with a modern look showing every angle and perspective of the swing in 3D format. The difference between the release and the optimal point is a distinguishing feature of the analyzer.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • If you are a data-geek, then the 3Bays, with all its numbers, is an analyzer made for you.
  • With a weight of 9 grams, it scores below the Accros and the Zepp Golf 2, which are almost 3 grams lesser than the 3Bays.
  • Pro-golfers are put off by the fact that putting analysis is not included within the price range, which makes it expensive compared to its peers.
  • Some golfers have experienced that the quality and accuracy of data are better compared to the Zepp Golf 2 3D.
  • The 3Bays GSA lacks references and instructions for new golfers, making it less useful than the Zepp Golf 2, which comes in with the Training module.

Garmin TruSwing for Advanced Swing Metrics

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Unlike all other reviewed products, Garmin TruSwing is a device that is attached on the shaft of the club, just below the grip and not on the grip or the gloves. Here are a few salient features:

Technical Specifications

Swing Analysis Tool

The TruSwing is designed on the success of the Approach S20, which helps beginners to approach even the trickiest of the golf courses with confidence.

It is intended to be a stylish smartwatch that gives detailed data on the golfer’s swing through the Garmin Connect app. The tool helps you understand the direction the ball goes, the trajectory of the ball, and the distance that it travels on the course.

3D Animations

The tool also provides 3D animations with a side-by-side swing comparison in real-time. Individual swings can be studied, and they can also be overlaid on each other to observe the improvement in the game. As each swing is organized by date, the golfer can go back and see individual and cumulative stats of their swing shots.

Let’s Review and Compare

  • TruSwing doesn’t require calibration with the club as it uses built-in intelligence to understand the alignment of the club to your shot. However, care must be taken as there is no sensor to know that the club is not aligned.
  • Pre-selected clubs on the app may be an issue as your club may not be available in the list present on the dashboard.
  • Being in sync with your approach watch ensures that you get ‘display-at-a-glance’ feature to know your scores instantly.
  • The battery life of Garmin is 12 hours, much higher than the other analyzers that usually give 6 to 8 hours.
  • The glossary of the Garmin Analyzer is shallow compared to that of the video library of the Blast Analyser since it just provides the definitions and not the actual metrics of the user’s game. However, Zepp Golf 2’s Smart Coach Training comes across as the best of all.
  • The software and the dashboard can be improved to include the analysis of the swing of the golfer. It can do more than display the data, and that is where competition wins.

As we saw in the above review, some golf devices are full golf training institutes in themselves, while some are simple ‘use-at-the-turf’ devices. Computer software and video have made it possible to see yourself play your shots in HD and 3D.

To excel in golf, you need to study and analyze your own game.

As the saying goes, “I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is green.” Our golf swing has unnoticeable minute points that may cause us to hook or duff the ball. Golf analyzers are digital tutors that let us assess our swing early on and have a blast in our game.

Which golf analyzers do you use? Let us know in our comments section!