What’s hot and what’s not? We gather the greatest tips from around the inter-webs so you can impress your buddies on the next golf outing.

The Showdown: Gap Wedge Vs. Approach Wedge

Short game is definitely better than a long game; after all, it’s the easy putts and not the long drives that get you low scores. And nothing in golf is better than getting that perfect chip within three feet of the hole, if not into it.  But what exactly constitutes a good wedge? And most…
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Using the Open Putting Stance to Your Advantage

While there is never a need to fix what's not broken, if the results you're getting out of your square stance are less than desirable, it may well be time to take a closer look at the open putting stance. There's enough consensus among amateur and pro golfers alike to support the validity of the…
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Our Two Cents on Finding the Easiest Driver to Hit

The cruel golf gods strike once again as my shot hooks 100 yards to the right.  I just want to scream “WHAT IS THE EASIEST DRIVER TO HIT WITH!?!”  As I go to the rough with my five iron, I find myself wondering why I even bothered using a driver to begin with.  So, you’re…
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Is it Possible to Have a DIY Putting Green?

Whether you’re looking for a nice stress reliever or you’re committed to improving your short game, your own personal putting green is always a good investment.  Adhering to the “Drive for show, putt for ” adage, putting is hands-down the most important part of the game.  Nothing’ more embarrassing than missing an easy putt!! If…
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