Most Forgiving Irons

Forgiveness doesn’t cure but helps a lousy swing. It makes an off-center strike straighter, a slice little less severe, and the trajectory of the ball, much higher. In short, most forgiving irons make your bad strikes look less bad. More and more companies are designing irons that are easier and fun to play. If you … Read more

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Review

Resurrection of the yesteryear brand! The year was 2016. If someone felt that the ‘Steelhead’ brand of the Callaway had gone out of business, then that particular year straightened them out. 16 years after launching the Steelhead X-14, Callaway resurrected its brand and launched the XR irons to let high-handicappers and beginners feel at home … Read more

Callaway X2 Hot Irons Review

Striving for continuous improvement! is known for adding value to its products. Having said this, rather than providing multiple options to the buyers, it is improving each of its successive products in an attempt to customize them for each type of buyer. Low to Mid Handicappers who usually prefer ‘Game Enhancement’ irons for more forgiveness … Read more