Titleist AP2 vs AP3: What to Consider When Choosing

The Titleist 718 series are very interesting. Each model comes with a distinctive feature that separates it from the other two. Where the AP1 is designed solely for distance and forgiveness, the AP2 picks looks and feel above all else.

Where does the AP3 fall? In between. It matches the look and the feel of the AP2 with the forgiveness and distance of the AP1. It has a progressive design though, and you’ll find other features that make it a good iron to consider when you’re upgrading.

This article is about the comparison of Titleist 718 AP2 and AP3. How do they perform? Are there features on one that you won’t find on the other? Find out in this article:

Titleist AP2 vs AP3: What to Consider When Choosing

Titleist 718 AP2 Golf Irons Review

The main goal in designing the Titleist 718 AP2 golf irons is to provide added forgiveness to the 716 AP2s. That objective was achieved by the combination of innovative redistribution f the weight, thinner faces, and inserts with high strength.

This gives amazing improvement and ball speeds over a wider portion of the performance, playability, face, and feel. Here are the features, pros, and cons of the Titleist 718 AP2 Golf Irons.


Over the years, the AP2 irons stand prevails as a favorite among PGA Tour players and better players. These irons bring Tour-proven performance for steady distance.

  • Performance. Distance and total control are provided by the maximized MOI and speed.
  • Precision. Special co-forged construction and accurate tungsten weighting give stability and greater forgiveness. Players can feel more confident in attacking even the most challenging or difficult pin placements.
  • Feel and looks. Designed with the Tour player favored pure forge, sound, and look. The leading edge is refined for pure feel on impact and more coherent turf interaction.
  • Custom Club Options. Build the best golf club for players with the best selection of the highest quality components. This allows to meet the needs of the player’s game and create an ultimate precision.


  • A great upgrade from 716 AP2s in terms of forgiveness.
  • Slick and compact irons.
  • The irons feel exceptional.
  • The steel face inserts provide added distance.


  • These irons are more on the feel compared to the forgiveness.

Final Thoughts

The 718 AP2 golf irons are packed with the luxurious feel and look that you would expect with the high-end irons from Titleist. With the variety of iron options for better golfers, the Titleist 718 AP2 golf irons have many distinguishing features and a solid overall performer.

Titleist 718 AP3 Golf Irons Review

The Titleist 718 AP3 Golf Irons combine the best of its predecessors, AP1 and AP2, to provide both experienced and new players the best distance and speed.

But it doesn’t end there. Whoever gets to play with these bad boys will notice an increase in their performance, all of it thanks to its innovative hollow-blade build and L-face inserts.


Another great thing about the Titleist 718 AP3 Golf Irons is their forgiveness and the precision they provide. As a side note, the experts at Today’s Golfer can attest that Titleist’s 718 AP3 Irons are known for being the longest and fastest of them all.

The reasons below are great explanations.


These irons are said to be the fastest of their kind. Its body has a hollow shape that provides an off-center hit that has turned them into the player’s preferred option.

The technology applied to the Titleist 718 AP3 grants golfers a long and high launch with a shot-stopping spin. The cherry on top? The feel these irons provide them is like nothing they’ve ever seen before.


Their appearance is a sight to behold. Similar to other models, it retains the elegance that made the brand recognizable among players. Its classic rounded mid-mallet with a wrap-around face-sole possesses a stainless steel flange that not only makes them quite the lookers but also durable.

With all of this in mind, there’s no wonder why anyone would want to buy them. According to Today’s Golfer, they’ve been one of the most desirable irons for quite some time.

Final Thoughts

One more thing before wrapping things up: Its MOI design is out of this world. The Titleist 718 AP3 Golf Irons’ tungsten weighs 84.9 grams. Thus, it contributes to its already famous speed.

Both their creators and experienced players agree that the Titleist 718 AP3 Golf Irons are one of a kind.

Titleist AP2 vs AP3: Comparison

There are a lot of similarities between the two models. But, you can have both. So it’s important to know the differences between the two.

Granted, they are in the same series, some of the features you’ll find on the Titleist 718 AP3 might be absent in the AP2, such as the progressive design, higher flex hitting area, and hollow body. Having said that, let’s look at a comparison of the two:

The AP2 is one of the most popular irons on the PGA Tour since it’s released. It is constructed with SUP10, Japanese spring steel infused in the face insert, and a forged body.

This steel is light so it was easy for Titleist to push the center of gravity lower in the head. The end result is a higher launch angle and higher ball speeds.

To enhance stability and forgiveness, the tungsten is now forged and placed in the heel and toe. The forgiveness is dialed back, however, and pales in comparison to the AP3.

The 718 AP3 has a hollow construction with a conventional shape and profile. The AP2 irons are easier to get up in the air, making it a good contender for solid strikers.  However, The AP3 is more forgiving, making it a suitable candidate for beginning players who get shots off target than they need to.

If you’re pumped for feel and accuracy, you may want to go with the AP2. Aside from being forged, it has normal lofts and a softer feel. But if you want more distance, improved forgiveness, larger head, and solid loft, the AP3 has it all.

Also, if you have moderate swing speeds, you should see higher carry distance in the AP3, compared to the 718 AP2.

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