Callaway XR vs XR OS: What Are the Differences Between them?

Finding a quality golf club is a long, arduous journey of sifting through dozens of brands if this is your first time. If you’re a professional, you probably have some old clubs in your golf bag, ready to swing when drawn.

As you know, your true skills show when you have a good club to play with. If you’re a mid handicap or total beginner, a bad club can rob you of your confidence. Fortunately, you don’t have to go for one.

Manufacturer like Callaway, Titleist, Srixon, etc makes it possible to select the right club and most fitting setup for any player, regardless of level. So, if you’re on the lookout for good options, the Callaway XR and XR OS are strong contenders.

In this article, I’ll go over some of the similarities and differences between the two so you can quickly decide which one is for you. Remember, the best way to determine the most appropriate one is to test.

Callaway XR vs XR OS: Any Significant Differences?

Callaway Golf XR OS Irons Review

The Callaway Golf XR OS Irons won the gold medal on the 2016 Golf Digest Hot List. These irons are designed to be very long, forgiving, and easy to hit.

The XR OS iron is equipped with the prime 360 Face Cup technology of Callaway and has wider soles hence it is best suited for high handicappers, beginners, and golfers who fancy large clubheads with reliability, large forgiveness, and high launch.

The XR OS naturally comes with a high trajectory since it’s a straight club. So, you’re getting both accuracy and playability in a single package. It loses in the feel department though; it’s tough, firm, and solid.

Here are the features, pros, and cons of the Callaway Golf XR OS Irons.

Features and Technologies

The technologies and features of the XR OS and the XR and similar.

  • Easy Launch – The irons’ center of gravity is positioned back and low for high MOI and high launch which means better forgiveness.
  • 360 Face Cup Technology – The industry-leading 360 Face Cup technology of Callaway is designed to create faster ball speeds. The face cup withstands a new heat treatment to increase the speed of the ball and the impact has a softer feel since the body has undergone a soft heat treatment.
  • Progressive Lofts and Lengths – Both the iron lofts and lengths are progressive, with increasing lofts and decreasing lengths as the golfer proceeds from long to short. This enhances distance along with the set.
  • Available Hybrid Options – Irons can be complemented with XR OS Hybrids. More forgiveness and distance can be provided when you replace the set’s long irons.


  • High and Straight ball flight
  • Solid Feel
  • Easy hit
  • More forgiveness compared to the regular XR
  • Added distance


  • Underwhelming distance and trajectory can be too high for strong swingers
  • Large head can seem a bit awkward with touch shots throughout the green

Final Thoughts

Callaway Golf XR OS Irons are the best options for golfers who want outstanding ball speed capacity, a larger head compared to the regular XR, more iron shots height, and more forgiveness. These irons are highly recommended for high-handicappers and beginners who have the budget.

Callaway XR Irons Review

Callaway XR Irons is designed to be a great replacement for the X2. The accuracy and added distance that a golfer could gain through these irons are undeniable.

Others might prefer a better iron design but the cons of these clubs definitely do not outweigh the pros. Here are the features, pros, and cons of the Callaway XR Irons.


The XR irons is a 2015 gold medal winner of Golf Digest Hot List. It is packed with the improved 360 Face Cup technology of Callaway that provides striking ball speed throughout the face. The key features of the Callaway XR Irons include:

  • 360 Face Cup which made it feasible to rip it and grip it. This offers your club more flexibility on impact. It provides the added distance that a golfer would need.
  • These irons stand out in the category of forgiveness. It is redesigned by Callaway as an ultimate iron that can do straight and accurate shots.
  • It allows golfers to have more ball spin since the center of gravity on the clubface is moved lower. This also gives a higher ball flight.


  • Clubs are responsive. Straightforward hit consistently.
  • Irons are very easy to hit and for a game improvement club and also offer exceptional forgiveness.
  • Added distance and distance control.
  • Irons gives a click impact sound.
  • The clubhead has a faster speed due to speed-step shafts.


  • Some golfers might find the irons’ weight distribution a little difficult to get used to or master.
  • Click sound can be distracting to other golfers.
  • Best suited for even and smooth swings.

Final Thoughts

Callaway XR Irons is a great iron set for game improvement at an affordable price. It offers accurate shots, added distance, outstanding forgiveness, and length.

It is a strong and amazing iron set by Callaway that aims to make the golfers enjoy the game more. The XR irons are a perfect match for slow swingers that can let the heavy lifting to the club and keep simple demands.

Callaway XR vs XR OS: Comparison

It’s quite easy to dismiss any thought that there might be some differences between the XR and OS.

That’s true to some extent. But, consider that most golf club manufacturers will almost always include some kind of improvement when they release newer options for their flagship models. This is true of both the XR and XR OS.

Callaway XR OS Irons are quite good. They have a solid feel, can easily be handled by amateurs, and have very good accuracy. Callaway also dialed in more forgiveness in the iron with the larger head. They’ll probably inspire more confidence in you than the ordinary XR.

The XR is probably more beautiful (if looks are your thing) but you’re looking at higher launch and ball speed on the XR OS. This is as a result of the CG (center of gravity) being lower back than the XR OS.

Fortunately, the XR OS is suitable for high and mid handicappers as well as beginners. So, go ahead if you’re ready to shoot your

The most significant difference between the two is that the XR OS has a wider clubface than the XR so you can expect to get more accuracy when using the XR as opposed to the XR.

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