Maxfli Softfli vs Wilson Duo: Which Golf Ball Should You Choose?

Many golfers prefer the golf balls that give them maximum performance off the tee. They want a ball that has great ball speed, a low spin rate, a high launch off the tee, and a soft feel.

No matter what level they find themselves. This is why both Maxfli and Wilson have developed the SoftFli and Wilson Duo respectively. Both balls are inexpensive, come with a nice soft feel and low spin rate.

To decide which one is the better choice, you have to look at their design, core, and performance.

To do that, here is a review of both. This will expose the pros and cons of each ball. So, that at the end, you should know which one is the most suitable for you.

Let’s get into it:

Maxfli Softfli vs Wilson Duo: Reviews

Wilson Duo Professional Golf Ball

Maxfli Softfli vs Wilson Duo

Most players want to get the ultimate distance, excellent performance and a nice feel when they use their golf balls. You would think that you have to spend more to get more.

However, there are a lot of good golf balls out there that aren’t necessarily expensive that can give you not only the premium feel but an enviable performance.

The Wilson Duo Soft Ball is the company’s attempt to bring to all players the softest urethane golf balls.

Many other golf balls are designed for players who are having problems controlling their golf balls, especially off the tee. These balls in a 2-piece design with a low ball spin.

But for the Wilson Duo, you have a golf ball that is for those who already have good control with long shots and wants better greenside control.

So if you find yourself in that category, the Wison Duo golf balls may be for you.

The golf ball is a 3-piece construction that comes with a 60 compression rating. The ball has a larger core and a thicker mantle in the second layer which is covered by a super-soft urethane cover.

This is what gives you the ball the excellent soft feel and great spin off the wedge shot. The ball’s ultra-thin urethane cover has a unique 362 dimple design which is seamless.

In terms of performance, the ball is in the same league as Titleist and Callaway chrome soft golf balls. So, if you have used those other balls, you can get a similar effect playing this one too.

The ball is also termed one of the longest 2-piece golf balls in the market, thanks to its VelocitiCOR technology. It’s engineered to be a softball even though there are serious competitors outside for that.

The technology is responsible for a longer distance and greater consistency as it matches the ball to the optimal power of the player’s swing.


Like other golfers, you’re probably looking for the golf balls that’ll give you an undue advantage. If you’re like that, you know not many balls can fulfill that.

As you’ll find in other articles, we always recommend you try out the ball. This will help you see the capability and expected performance. In the case of the Duo, tests have found it to be in the category of those that can give you excellent results.

It comes in white, yellow, red, and green matte colors. Each color adds a different element to the game so if you want you can get them in different colors to add a nice aesthetic to your game.

So, if you’re looking for a straight ball with a soft feel and potential for great distance, you should check out the Wilson Duo golf ball.

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Maxfli SoftFli Golf Balls

Maxfli Softfli vs Wilson Duo

The Maxfli SoftFli is one of the company’s softest golf balls with a compression of 35, compared to the 60 in the Wilson Duo golf balls. As I mentioned in the review of the Wilson Duo, this is one of the serious counterparts when it comes to soft feel.

If you’re looking for a long ball though, the Wilson Duo is the winner.

The core of the ball has been reconstructed to be softer without affecting ball speed. It has also been designed to maintain a consistent flight for all swing speeds thanks to the 332 dimple pattern.

The ball is available in different matte cover coloration to enhance visibility when in the air and turf. And just like the Wilson Duo, it’s not an expensive golf ball.

A lot of users have stated they like the distance on the ball as well as the soft feel.

If you’re looking for a straighter ball with a less good feel, you can go with this. However, if you’re about soft feel, the SoftFli may be a better choice for you.

Also, if you’re a low handicapper, the balls aren’t bad for that level.

The ball also comes in orange, yellow, and red coloration patterns to enhance its visibility on the golf course.

Most golfers are ready to toss their balls away and get another in their stead.

But if you don’t like that, then you want to choose a colorful one like this to help reduce incidents.

Maxfli Softfli vs Wilson Duo: Verdict

Most people would think that these balls will be dirt cheap given the brand isn’t as popular as Callaway, Titleist, Srixon, and the likes. They aren’t that cheap but not too expensive too.

If you were expecting you’d get this at a lower price than other premium golf balls from other brands, you may be disappointed

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