Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli: Are There Any Differences?

Do you find it difficult to choose between SoftFli and StraightFli? If you answer yes, then you’re not alone. Golfers, like other sportsmen, know good brands from bad ones.

This is a good thing and allows them to choose the best and right brand for their game. However, you can end up with two good products from the same brand find yourself unable to choose between them.

This is why a lot of people considering Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli have deemed them two good products but simply find it difficult choosing one. If that’s you, then this article is written just for you.

This is a review of both products. I’ll touch on their features, pros, and cons so you can find unique differences between them.

In doing this, I’m hoping you’ll come out with a resolve on just one of them.

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Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli: Reviews

Maxfli Straightfli Golf Ball

Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli

The Maxfli StraightFli, like the SoftFli, utilizes the fairway dimple pattern. This design affects the flight path of the ball when you hit it with your club.

This technology has 374 small and large dimples that are stacked and packed in a pattern that reduces the lift of the ball when hit. This means there is little backspin, which makes for a more balanced flight.

The ionomer blend in the ball provides excellent greenside spin. This means you can have more control over your ball right from the tee. All of these translate into more accuracy, consistency, and ultimately a happy golfer.

The dimple pattern in the ball is designed to reduce spin so the ball can launch straight. One user states that the balls actually produce an excellent distance but way harder than the SoftFli.

That’s one of the differences between it and SoftFli. If you’re looking for a straighter ball with a less good feel, you can go with this. However, if you’re about soft feel, the SoftFli may be a better choice for you. Also, if you’re a low handicapper, the balls aren’t bad for that level.

The ball also comes in orange, yellow, and red coloration patterns to enhance its visibility on the golf course. Most golfers are ready to toss their balls away and get another in their stead.

But if you don’t like that, then you want to choose a colorful one like this to help reduce incidents.

It’s a 2-piece construction ball with a soft ionomer blend for a better greenside spin and excellent performance.


Most people would think that these balls will be dirt cheap given the brand isn’t as popular as Callaway, Titleist, Srixon, and the likes. They aren’t that cheap but not too expensive too.

If you were expecting you’d get this at a lower price than other premium golf balls from other brands, you may be disappointed.

In addition, StraightFli and SoftFli have similar price points. This means that you shouldn’t look at the price tag on both when comparing. You have to look at other features. Like how much control you can get and if one has a lesser spin than the other.

Maxfli SoftFli Golf Ball

Maxfli Softfli vs Straightfli

The Maxfli SoftFli is one of the company’s softest golf balls with a compression of 35, compared to the 60 in the Wilson Duo golf balls. As I mentioned in the review of the Wilson Duo, this is one of the serious counterparts when it comes to soft feel.

If you’re looking for a long ball though, the Wilson Duo is the winner.

The core of the ball has been reconstructed to be softer without affecting ball speed. It has also been designed to maintain a consistent flight for all swing speeds thanks to the 332 dimple pattern.

The ball is available in different matte cover colorations to enhance visibility when in the air and turf. And just like the Wilson Duo, it’s not an expensive golf ball.

A lot of users have stated they like the distance on the ball as well as the soft feel. If you compare it to the StraightFli, it may probably give you a softer feel. This is because it has a lower compression than StraightFli.

There are 374 dimple patterns on the StraightFli, compared to the 332 dimple pattern in the SoftFli. While the difference may not be immediately obvious, you can expect more accuracy and consistency in the StraightFli.


There are a lot of similarities between the two golf balls. And as you can see, the differences are subtle and not much. Fortunately, you can always test them out to see how they perform.

If you have the chance of doing that, I believe you’ll be able to determine which one is suitable for your club, hcp rating, and skills.

But if you can’t do that, there is still a good chance you will be able to choose between them based on the points raised in this article. Or if you have the budget, simply buy both and go for a test.

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