Golf accessories cover a wide range of items and gear for maximizing your time on the course. This includes, but not limited to golf bags, towels, range finders, golf GPS systems, the list goes on. However, what are the essentials for your game? Let’s find out below.

Essential Guide to Finding the Lightest Golf Bag

Do you love to walk when you play golf but are frustrated you can’t find a comfortable, lightweight carry bag that will get you through your round without experiencing back pain? Several studies show that walking just 2 rounds of golf a week is equivalent to burning 2,500 calories.  It’s the way the game was…
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The Average Golf Handicap

Less is More In golf, less is more. This is true for your golf score, and the same holds true for your golf handicap. The lower the handicap, the better the golfer. Looking at the average golf handicap can give you an idea of how your golf game stacks up against other players. Just playing…
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Golf Gifts for Women

What can be better than a present themed to something you really enjoy and spend a lot of time doing? Something like a hobby you dedicate long hours to or a sports you play a lot. How about golf? Yes, as casual as it may sound, golf is one of the most popular sports in…
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CAUTION: Golf Netting Required

How has your game been recently? Please share your success in the comments as we love hearing from you and today we will expand your knowledge on useful tools to have while practicing to improve your game even more. We will talk convenience and safety, but mostly about the safety of others as a result…
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