How to Increase Swing Speed

Golf is a game of finesse, but there’s no doubt that it’s helpful to start with a nice drive onto the green than having to chip it up onto the green and have to one putt to get par. I’m sure you’re good enough to have relatively good form (i.e. not flailing around like a fish on land), but even the pros are always improving their swing. Here’s some simple ways that you can learn how to increase swing speed and become a better golfer today.

swing-speedFirst, you have to understand that not every swing is the same, but the fundamentals never change. While obliterating the ball 400 yards might be fun on the driving range, the 100 yard slice that comes with it is hard to overcome. Many pros explain this as the difference between “swinging hard” and “swinging fast”, the latter of which is what we want. The reason the pros make it look so easy is that their club moves the fastest at the bottom of the swing, and not wasting any energy on the upswing while staying in control on the downswing. Here’s a diagram to show you what I mean, in case you’re a little confused: The swing is very controlled and goes the fastest in the 5 frames where the club meets the ball.

It’s certainly easier said than done, and one trick to maximizing this speed is to find your “optimal timing”. The fastest part of the swing should be the bottom (since that’s how we make the ball go further), and honestly it takes practice. Every time I go out on the golf course, I start by chipping with a controlled swing and slowly work up to the 5 iron and then finally the driver, making sure my swing is always controlled, swinging fast and not hard. I’d recommend finding a similar routine, whether it’s chipping onto the putting green or starting off at the driving range.

increase-swing-speedFinally, the most intuitive way to hit the ball further is to simply get stronger. However, this is not as simple as one may think. While arm strength doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t necessarily help either. The best workouts for golf are torso exercises, which can be anything from workout bands to weighted golf clubs. The swing all comes from the core, and with good form, arm strength shouldn’t matter. After all, golf is a game you can play whether you’re old, young, having fun or doing business.
Hopefully you’ll be packing long balls every time you step onto the course, but everyone has bad days. While many people ask for tips on how to increase swing speed, sometimes the best way is to just play fundamental golf. Even though golfers hear tips all the time, focusing on the fundamental(s) could be the difference between par and 6 under. Even the pros have bad days, and every shot is an opportunity to turn your day around. Now get out there and drive ‘em!

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