Best Driver for 110 MPH Swing Speed: 2021 Reviews & Comparison

As a driver with over 100 mph swing speed, you’re already above average. It’ll surprise you a lot of golfers still find it difficult to reach this stage. That doesn’t mean your work is done though.

Remember as you progress, the caliber of equipment you can and should use will be different from those needed by an amateur. An important tool in your golf tool set is your driver.

It can make or mar your golf game so you have to get it right. To help you achieve just that, we’ve put together those drivers that suits your playing level. All of these are from reputable and well-known brands, with good track record. So, check them and see which one you like.

A look at the best one for drivers throwing swing speeds of 100+:

Best Driver for 110 MPH Swing Speed (Reviews)

1. Callaway X HOT Driver

Callaway X HOT DriverIf you’re looking for a wallet-friendly driver that features a high level of forgiveness, Callaway’s X HOT is definitely one of the best options out there.

It’s a fast, lightweight driver with a powerful Speed Frame Face Technology, which increases ball speed, saves weight, and ensures efficient energy transfer throughout the tee shot.

This technology also guarantees a much better distance even on the mishits.

Speed Frame Face on X HOT allows golfers to choose between an open, square, or closed clubface position, resulting in the preferred ball flight trajectory.

Technology is also responsible for optimizing CG, which delivers more forgiveness. X HOT has a deep clubface and a lowered CG, which gives lots of height and distance for tee shots, as well as lower spin and straighter trajectories.

Most Forgiving Driver One of the best things about X HOT is that you can change its shaft to any other from Callaway’s line without needing some special adapter.

Callaway designed X HOT as the most forgiving driver of its 2013 line of drivers. It’s a simple, classic-looking driver that sounds good and delivers a great level of forgiveness, especially on those of the heel shots.

The Speed Frame Face gives good distance even on the bad shots. This might be a better option for mid to high HCP golfers, while more advanced players can choose the X HOT Pro model.

The great thing about it is that it gives you a feeling that you can’t possibly miss the sweet spot on its clubface.

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2. Callaway Ladies XR 16 Golf Driver

Callaway Ladies XR 16 Golf DriverThis driver takes forgiveness to a next level. It’s Callaway’s driver designed solely for ladies who want the extra distance and better accuracy. One of the targets is to make tee shots straighter and more forgiving.

The company presented XR 16 with the tag line “Forgiveness meets fast“.  That’s exactly what this driver should afford you.

Ladies XR 16 was created together with aerodynamic technicians from Boeing, so this driver has an improved clubhead, which allows reducing drag and increases stability throughout the swing.

It’s also considered to be the most forgiving clubhead ever, and Boeing made it equally fast with an improved Speed Step Crown.

Forgiveness is truly amazing on this one — Callaway combined a larger clubhead for more MOI, a stretched-out crown for a bigger footprint, and also lowered and deepened driver’s CG.

Callaway Ladies XR 16 Golf DriverTo generate even more ball speed, Callaway added the next generation R MOTO face, which is 19 percent lighter and thinner. The saved weight was used to redistribute it into the driver’s head for more MOI.

Ladies XR 16 feels great at impact, it’s fast yet stable. R MOTO face ensures better results for those off-center hits, while stronger face material adds more distance.

It looks great, sounds solid, and is easy to play with. Ladies XR 16 delivers an extremely high level of forgiveness, and can definitely be called one of the top choices in its class. Besides, it will add about 20 yards to your game.

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3. Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver

Adams Golf Men’s Blue DriverNow that we’ve settled the ladies, there should be something for the gents too.  Thankfully, Adams Golf is here for you.

Lightweight, impressively forgiving and definitely wallet-friendly — Adams Golf Blue driver makes it easy to trust it. It’s a great option for various HCP levels, but higher handicappers might enjoy it more.

This driver has a Velocity Slot technology, which is responsible for delivering golfers more flex with more speed. It has a large 460 cc titanium head. The CG is positioned low and pushed back as far as possible, delivering nice and high launch angles.

Blue features an Easy Launch System which is responsible for launching the ball into the air easily, at the same time improving swing speed and adding distance.

Most Forgiving DriverDriver’s clubface is a really forgiving one, the sweet spot is big, and Blue manages to find the fairway almost every time. Miss hits also tend to fly in an acceptable trajectory without too much sidespin.

The blue driver comes with 55 grams Aldila Slimtech graphite shaft, which is easy to manage and light to swing.

The blue driver features a sleek, metallic blue crown, is colorful and subtle. It also has a red alignment mark and some white lines, making the whole setup process simple and accurate.

This driver also features a slightly closed clubface, so those players that tend to slice their tee shots can benefit from it a bit more.

Blue will feel good and comfortable in your hands. Within this one, you will find a reasonable price with attractive features, advanced technologies, and a great level of forgiveness.

How does it compare to X HOT & XR?

  • reviewdriverheadcover Adam’s Blue does not feature any exciting technologies, it’s a quite simple, straightforward choice.
  • If you want to try at least a few adjustability options or are interested in speed improvement, then HR or X HOT might be a better choice.
  • Blue is a truly forgiving driver and features one of the biggest sweet spots — larger compared to X HOT or Aero Burner. However, achieving consistent swings can be quite hard, and better golfers note that it’s difficult to shape shots as they would like.
  • If you want to have an option for creating your own shape shots, then Cleveland might be a better option than Adam’s Blue. But if forgiveness is your main concern, then the Callaway XR is the best choice in this category.
  • You should also know. Some golfers note that at impact Blue feels a little hollow.
  • If acoustics is an important aspect for you, then X HOT might be a better choice.
  • Think carefully about all these features and consider your option. Don’t rush. At the end of the day, you want to choose the most suitable one for your game.

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4. Cleveland Launcher HB

Cleveland Launcher HBNo secret that nowadays Cleveland is best known for its wedges and putters, and it’s been quite some time since the company has released a new driver to the market.

It had to do with the company’s opinion that there’s actually a huge disconnect between new equipment, its prices, and performance, as golfers simply aren’t seeing such a significant improvement in performance that they should.

Launcher HB doesn’t have an adjustable hosel or movable weights, and from the first look might seem kinda basic to some golfers.

However, HB features a HiBore Crown technology, which reshapes the crown and let’s move HB’s weight lower and back, allowing the driver’s crown to flex more at impact, promoting higher ball speed and an easier overall launch.

It also positions more mass to produce a high launch and low spin trajectory. It comes with the Flex-Fin sole and the Cup Face too.

Most Forgiving DriverThe first one is responsible for making your mishits stay in play, while the second one creates a super big sweet spot, which lets you hit the ball basically anywhere on the clubface without losing power.

HB’s center of gravity is placed low and back, resulting in higher and straighter shots, and its MOI is increased. Cleveland Launcher HB comes with a great shaft — Miyazaki C. Kua 5s, which is stable, yet very lightweight.

Together with HB it feels absolutely in sync and offers a great balance. All in all, it’s a really forgiving driver that also comes with a great price. Perhaps simplicity is truly the secret — and HB demonstrates that perfectly.

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5. The Taylormade M1 Driver

Taylormade M1 One of the top-rated models in terms of accuracy and forgiveness, Taylormade’s M1 allows each golfer out there to create the exact shot they want or need.

Taylormade named this one “the longest driver ever“, but besides extremely long-distance performance (think 5 to 10 yards longer than any other driver), M1 also comes with the adjusted center of gravity, which is pushed back further and lowered.

The M in its name stands for Multi-Material construction and is responsible for delivering the highest level of performance.

It also features a 6 layer Carbon Composite Crown, which is extremely thin and light, but delivers impressive strength. This feature right there is responsible for long-distance shots and driver’s playability.

Most Forgiving DriverM1 has a Movable Weight Technology, called T-track system and also features Taylormade’s famous Inverted Core technology, which surrounds the driver’s sweet spot on the inside of the cavity.

That’s why mishits with M1 tend to go significantly straighter. But the most important thing is M1’s adjustability, which makes it a great choice for different level golf players.

It features 2 weights: 10-gram weight is responsible for the direction, and 15-gram weight — for forgiveness and ball’s flight, including height.

The good news is that Taylormade’s M1 works great with all types of golf swings — whether it’s a slow or a fast one, and can also be used by beginners.

It’s one of the most playable drivers out there, making hitting beautiful draws or desired fades equally easy.

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That’s it for the Best Driver for 110 MPH Swing Speed. There are dozens more on the market and a lot more options for you to choose from. You shouldn’t, however, go for just any of them. You need the most suitable one for your game and level.

Fortunately, there are plenty of these including the ones listed here. The reason it’s important to choose the right one is so that you don’t end up with a driver that doesn’t match your other equipment. That can affect your performance. So, doing it right here is extremely important.