Best Irons For High Handicap – Comprehensive Reviews on Top Models

Every big achievement has a ‘day of small beginnings.’ In golf, if you are a beginner, then you will regularly come across the term ‘high-handicap.’ In fact, during your day of small beginnings, you will find yourself called a ‘high-handicapper.’

If you surf the web, you will come across tons of pages with tips aimed at lowering your handicap.

While these tips are essential, there is no denying the fact that the best way to improve your handicap is to select the right golf club which has the elements to help you achieve that.

Getting hold of these clubs and practicing with them will give you the necessary smartness to overcome your limitations and become a better player. In our guide, we review the top five irons that will help you to reduce your high-handicap.

Best Irons For High Handicap: Reviews & Comparisons

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal

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When Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal iron was launched, it proved that continuous improvement is the motto of the brand. It launched the new irons while riding on the success of Mizuno JPX 900, an iron considered as one of the perfect irons in the market.

But as it is said, improvement is not about working harder, but removing the obstacles that came in the way of work. As our review shows, the JPX 919 will help you to do just that!

Unique Specifications

  • Improved heel area
  • Design

Club Head Design

The head of the club is designed with Chromoly 4140M, a steel aloe made of Chromium and Molybdenum. The material is flexible and durable that has been used to create a large head and thin face that helps in increasing ball speed and ball launch.

The face cup is now a seamless construction of a single piece of metal in front of the chassis. This modification gives it a better feel. The high handicapper can get good feedback even with fast golf speeds.

Stability Frame Design

The frame has been designed in a way that has moved the CG closer to the center of the club. This feature allows for consistent shots across the face.

The heel area gas has been spread out to move the weight from the hosel to the toe to add forgiveness and improve the MOI. The Pearl Brush finish enhances the stability and durability of the iron.

Club Face

The grind on the leading edge of the clubface has been removed, making it sharper on the turf. The grind now has a polished finish, making it look pronounced and attractive than the JPX 900.

The sound ribs have been re-engineered to give good sensation and fewer vibrations on shots. The wedges are made of X30 steel and have milled grooves to provide you with greater control over the greens.

Let’s Review and Compare

  1. Some pro golfers may not prefer the JPX 919 as it isn’t forged; neither is it the longest iron in the market.
  2. The stability frame of the JPX 919, which helps in a controlled and soft landing is the best among all the irons.
  3. While the Mizuno would attract mid and high-handicappers, some advanced golfers may find the ball spin to be more, and the distance covered less.

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

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If there is a brand that always finds a way to develop cutting-edge (or cut-throat) technology, then it is TaylorMade.

It has the potential to launch an improved club even before you have finished appreciating the last one. One such club in its long line of performing clubs is the TaylorMade M4 Iron set, which was launched to be the longest iron of TaylorMade.

Unique Specifications

  • RIBCOR Technology
  • Fluted Hosel 2.0
  • Speed Pocket

How does the TaylorMade M4 Iron Set help you to lower your high-handicap?

RIBCOR Technology

TaylorMade has infused RibCor bars behind the clubface to make the upper portion of the head stiff. This reduces the loss of energy and improves ball speed and flight.

The technology improves the MOI, as more mass is now concentrated in the toe and heel of the head, which keeps the ball spin in control.

Fluted Hosel 2.0

It has retained the notch in the hosel to ease adjustability and help in ball launch and forgiveness. The cavity badge that wraps around the face is made of carbon fibre that reduces vibrations and improves feedback upon impact.

Speed Pocket

The thin-walled speed pocket from TaylorMade M2 is carried to the M4. However, the curved line is longer and slimmer to increase the speed of strikes below the center.

The slots are designed for these irons only and help maintain the right amount of flexibility to produce the right launch and spin. The leading edge is also now thinner than its predecessor.

Let’s review and compare

    1. The new RibCor technology makes the TaylorMade the best of all in the list in terms of distance and ball speed.
    2. The thinner head of TaylorMade M4 gives it an advantage over the Callaway Rogue X which has a chunkier head.
    3. The shaft of the M4 is now much stronger due to its partnership with KBS MAX. The shafts now give higher launch due to them being lightweight.
    4. Many golfers have found that the loft is lower than average, thus affecting the spin and launch for some.

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha

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In 2019, Callaway launched the Big Bertha with the tagline, “Easy Launch, Serious Distance.” The tagline contains all the elements that high-handicappers would need in their irons.

Callaway promises that you will get higher ball flights even at a moderate swing speed. Continuing its legacy of providing game improvement irons, Callaway’s Big Bertha has proved that it is “cut above the rest,” as our review shows.

Unique Specifications

  • Suspended energy core
  • Urethane Microsphere material
  • Face Cup

How does the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha help you to lower your high-handicap?

Urethane Microsphere Material

The cavity is filled with urethane microsphere material that consists of glass-filled air spheres to absorb vibrations and improve the overall sound and feel on impact. The cavity also includes a plastic badge that adds to the feedback.

Suspended Energy Core

Inside the urethane material in the cavity, Big Bertha has placed Metal Injection Molded tungsten floating weights. The material is infused around the weights.

The tungsten weights help in placing the CG deeper in the clubface to improve the launch and distance for mid and high handicappers.

360-degree Face Cup

The clubface includes a flexible shallow rim around the edges that creates a flex to help generate maximum speed on impact. The speed remains consistent even during lower strikes.

The hollow construction around the clubface gives greater forgiveness and feedback on impact.

Let’s review and compare

  1. The iron is made of smoked PVD finish which looks classy and sophisticated than the regular metallic look of other irons on our list.
  2. The urethane material is superior compared to the fibre material that is used by some manufacturers.
  3. The Suspended energy core of the Big bertha can be compared to TaylorMade’s RIBCOR technology; however, in terms of distance and forgiveness, the RIBCOR would win.
  4. A feature that high-handicappers would like is the white paint on the lower end of the clubface for aligning the shot.
  5. Some high-handicappers say that they can feel the feedback during mishits.

Cobra King Forged Tec One Black

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The best way to improve your product is to go to the basics and re-define your designs. Cobra King, with its Forged Tec One, has revisited its designs to offer the best irons for new golfers and mid to high handicappers.

The best aspect of the iron is its change to being a forged TEC (Technology Enhanced Cavity), and the irons look promising in terms of looks and performance. Our review will help you know if it should be the next on your upgrade list!

Unique Specifications

  • Diamond Black Metal Finish
  • Carbon Fiber Medallion Structure
  • AMT Shafts

How does the Cobra King Forged Tec One help you to lower your high-handicap?

Clubhead design

The forged head is made of 1025 highly durable carbon steel, while the clubface insert is made of 4140 carbon steel that is thin to facilitate faster ball speeds and increase forgiveness. The head design also goes well with the Forged TEC Black color change.

Carbon Fiber Medallion Structure

The cavity is infused with material that combines carbon fiber with thermoplastic urethane to reduce the metallic sound and improve the feedback on impact.

The problem of vibrations coming out of the thin face is not new, and thus, the latest technology is aimed at helping reduce the needless sound and vibrations and also increase the ball speed.

AMT Shafts

Cobra King has used True Temper’s Ascending Mass Technology for its shafts. The shaft material makes the swing and launches easier, even providing more control on the greens for long and short irons.

Cobra Connect

The iron’s grip will come with an embedded Arccos sensor that will provide performance analysis directly to you through its Cobra Connect App. Like its other irons, the smart technology will be standardized for the Forged Tec One as well.

Let’s review and compare

  1. Some golfers may find the head bit heavy to get used to.
  2. The Arccos app is the best feature that sets it apart from other irons on the list.
  3. The shaft material is of better quality than the Mizuno JPX 919.
  4. The diamond black metal finish gives the iron a sophisticated look than the Mizuno JPX 919 and the TaylorMade M4 set.

Adams Golf Men’s New Idea

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Adams golf has been providing the best irons for the mid to high handicap category. Its latest product, the Adams Golf Men’s New Idea, has used the most recent technology in delivering the needed forgiveness for amateurs to become better players.

Unique Specifications

  • Wrap-around slots
  • Cut-through sole

How does the Adams Golf Men’s New Idea help you to lower your high-handicap?

Wrap around slot

In this technology, the slot runs along the sole towards the upper toe. It warps 270 degrees around the club and increases the ball speed by 24% even on off-center toe hits.

The toe slot provides consistency through the toe. Golfers need not worry about their mishits as the sweet spot is now increased by 44%.


Due to the weight distribution around the clubface, the COG has been made deeper and lower, leading to a fantastic launch.

The graphite shafts provide durability and strength to the clubs, while the multi-textured grip makes you feel comfortable to hold at the address.

Let’s review and compare

  1. Many golfers say that the head is springy, but it gives good feedback on impact.
  2. The wrap-around slot is the attractive feature of the iron that provides excellent yardages even during mishits.
  3. While the appearance of the irons is stylish, they are not that impressive compared to Callaway Men’s Bertha and Cobra King Forged Tec One.
  4. Beginners and amateurs will find aligning the iron difficult due to the rounded top line.
  5. The iron lacks some advanced technological features like superior cavity material and speed pocket design.

Improving golf-handicap depends on the following motto: “Take your time, save your dime.” Every beginner’s baby steps in the game will falter at the start.

However, investing your efforts, time combined with confidence, and fair practice will make your journey smooth and easy. Also, with an array of irons now available at your disposal at affordable prices, any beginner is set to become a professional.

If you are planning to try one of the irons reviewed above, or if you have used any of these, please share your experience with us in the comments below.