Reasons to Date a Golfer

Whether it’s because of that sleek, professional style that golfers adopt or their refined taste in sport, there are many reasons to date a golfer. After all, who hasn’t seen the US Open on tv and seen some of the best players in the world sporting brand new Nikes and sponsorship galore? It’s no secret that golf is a game of privilege, but there’s many more positive qualities golfers have that other people don’t. Here’s some of the best (and most creative) reasons that you should considering dating a golfer.

Consistency is Key!

Whether it’s a rough day at work or an off day on the course, golfers know how to handle their frustration in positive ways. In any relationship you’re bound to have rough patches here and there, but the key to a healthy relationship is using those rough patches to become better people, and possibly even become closer together. All golfers know how frustrating a bad day on the course can be, but if they gave up on the game then they wouldn’t be golfers anymore would they? Golfers have stability and consistency, AKA the foundations of any relationship.

Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Whether it’s changing your grip or trying a new product, golfers are willing to try anything once. The adventurous and spontaneous spirit that golfers have transfer well into relationships; trying new things and surprising each other is part of the fun of a relationship. While I’m not saying you should expect dozens of roses each week, a tried and true player knows that familiarity isn’t just comforting, it’s special.

Small things add up!

Any golfer knows that the small things (one-putting the green) matter just as much as the big things (blasting long drives down the fairway). Why wouldn’t you want that quality in a partner? On top of the fact that golfers focus on the details and remember that a little extra goes a long way. Sign me up!

Don’t Sweat the Small (Petty) Stuff

date-a-golferWe all make mistakes, golfers especially. But making a mistake shouldn’t ruin an entire round of golf, similar to the way that one mistake in a relationship shouldn’t make things tense. The key to finding the right lover is finding one that can look past the imperfections and love you not in spite of them, but because of them. That’s what makes relationships truly click, and why golfers make good partners.

Thus concludes our top reasons to date a golfer. There’s plenty more reasons, for sure, but these are the ones that may not be immediately apparent. Golfing can be an excellent pastime and an awesome way to get outdoors with your partner, so if one lucky one comes by and happens to be a golfer, I’d be the first to tell you to jump all over it.

That’s all I’ve got for today, and as always let me know in the comment section below if you have any comments or suggestions!

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