RocketBallz vs RocketBladez: How Do You Choose Between the Two?

So you too have found yourself torn between the oddest named golf clubs? Well, you’re not alone. When Taylormade first introduced the RocketBallz iron, it caused an uproar in the industry.

At least for those who were familiar with dozens of brands over the years. But Taylormade isn’t afraid to follow up with another even more bizarrely-named iron, RocketBladez.

Could it be because of the functions of the irons that the company named them as such? Let’s find out that and more in this comparison article.

RocketBallz vs RocketBladez: Comparison


Although the Bladez comes after with lots of fancy features and attributes, both still have a similar profile.

Probably while a lot of golfers will tell you there are very few differences between the two clubs. The Bladez is thicker at the toe and heel and overall has a bigger size. Both, however, have the same loft and weight going at 85grams. The length of both clubs is equally the same.


First of all, don’t let the name fool you. Both the RocketBallz and RocketBladez are solid clubs to choose from for your game. The question is, what has changed in the RocketBladez?

Fortunately, Taylormade has an answer. While RocketBallz is decent and nice and all, RocketBladez is far better. It looks better, feels better, is more refined, and will probably give you consistent distance than the previous iron.

The newer iron, for your information, comes in a chrome finish as compared to the dark finish on the previous one.

Moreover, chrome finish will always give your tool that neat shine under the sun and it’s easy to wipe clean…and looking like new. Of course, the argument shouldn’t be on the finish but if you’re an aesthetic kind of person, you may find this useful.

When put side-by-side the RocketBladez has a chunkier top-line. In addition to that, the sound is very solid in the new club than the old one, for those who like to get that confidence-inspiring sound when they kick the ball.

Knowing that the RocketBladez is newer, it’s going to cost you more than the RocketBallz to procure. In most of the comparisons of both clubs, the RocketBladez seems to be endearing in the looks department.

The other thing is from a construction standpoint, where the RBladez comes with a Speed Pocket for improved height on low CG hits. This feature is not available with the RBZ.

The ICT on the newer iron is also tweaked for better improvement. The Ballz is built like a traditional cavity back iron for more forgiveness.

In terms of distance, multiple tests show that the RocketBallz go farther than the RocketBladez. If the distance is what you’re looking for, then you should go with Ballz.

But the Bladez will let you hit high, straight, and offers more forgiveness. So, if you’re working on improving your game, I’ll go with the Bladez.

RocketBallz vs RocketBladez: Reviews of Each Ball

Taylormade RocketBallz Driver

The RocketBallz are primarily designed to produce distance, feel, and forgiveness. To make shots straighter, Taylormade added a new feature called “Toe-Bar” while a 2-piece metalwood construction in the long irons promotes higher launch and more distance.

The RocketBallz driver also comes with flight control technology which gives you up to 8 different adjustment settings. With a lighter shaft, you get more speed on your shots. The club is available in a tour and standard version.

Unlike the standard version, the tour version has a smaller profile at address and a deeper face. To engage players and ensure lots of playability, the shaft can be swapped back and forth. Moreover, the shaft is a little heavy and stiff, if you prefer to see that in your club.

Taylormade also used a unique Inverted Cone clubface technology which supports better distance and a higher ball speed. The center of gravity of the club is in the center and lower to the ground to allow you to a good contact when hitting off the turf.

By placing the COG lower, there is a possibility of better penetrating ball flight. Sound and feel will be excellent, thanks to the RBZ advanced feel system with acoustic polymer and constrained layer.

Taylormade Rocketbladez Driver

The RocketBladez is Taylormade’s iteration after the Ballz. Taylormade promises a lot for those getting the Bladez, and truly the iron has some outstanding features that distinguish it from the previous model.

One of these features is the new Speed Slot which prompts faster balls speeds across the face for that extra distance. The face is extremely thin in this club, making for an increase in the size of the sweet spot.

It also influences the flexes of the face at impact and thus attempting to control the angle of launch for more consistency. Generally, Taylormade made them be longer, forgiving, and straighter.

If you’re a beginner, the RocketBladez driver is a good one as it helps a lot of game improvement. Compared to previous models, this club promises more forgiveness as there are fewer hot spots that affect accuracy negatively.

And despite the name, these are not really blades but are instead cavity back and because of the low offset and thin top line, the club is suitable for a wide range of players.


As you can see, while they have some similarities, the RocketBladez and RocketBalls are very different clubs. RocketBallz is more like a pioneer club with RocketBladez coming with more features and more.