PXG vs Titleist: Differences and Similarities Reviewed

When PXG first released their 0211 irons some years back, players froth at the mouth at how expensive they are. As time goes on, the brand has come to be accepted and has gone mainstream.

The excellent performance of their clubs has propelled them forward. This is why they are able to compete favorably with brands like Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, and the rest. In this article, we look at one of PXG’s tour clubs 0311T and Titleist AP 718. How do they compare?

Let’s look at them in detail.

PXG 0311T vs Titleist AP 718

Because of their better feels, better players gravitate towards forged irons than cast irons. However, cavity back irons are usually easier to hit than forged irons.

This is made possible with the shape and design of cavity back irons. So, if you’re an amateur, you may not get as much forgiveness on forged irons like this.

Titleist AP2 has the most resemblance to the 0311T from PXG than other clubs in the series. Both clubs are excellent for players.


The 0311T is a tour version of the 0311 iron and comes with a little offset like the AP2. The AP2 has a rather thin top line, compared to the thicker top line in the 0311T.

Both will look thin at address though because the 0311 is rounded at the back edge. Both clubs come in entire white chrome with a good outline and branding.

If you’re like many golfers, you wouldn’t mind having a consistent, solid club even if the balls doon’t look that appealing. Forunately, the two balls look quite fantastic and very pleasing. So you don’t have any problems in hat area.


In theory, the PXG should have less backspin because it carries lesser loft than the AP2. So, you can expect more coverage/it to go further than the Titleist.

The AP2 has a nice compact head, not too small and not too big, which can instantly motivate and inspire a little bit of confidence. Moreover, it looks more like a player’s club than any other. Meaning that it’s not aimed at masses or amateur golfers as we hinted at the beginning.

The PXG 0311T is a premium golf ball and the price speaks to that. It’s slightly bigger at the head than the AP2 but should be softer since it has a bit of insert in the head and considering the quality of the materials used compared to AP2.

These two are forged irons, which means they’re going to give you a sweet feeling when you hit them.


As with other PXG Irons, the 0311T is very expensive. It’ll cost you a few thousand bucks, compared to the much cheaper AP2.

Definitely, the price will be a deal-breaker for many when it comes to the 0311T.

The PXG club is very solid with impressive specs for a player’s club. The AP2 isn’t bad too, with forged iron and compact head. The two balls are similar in their features but price gave way to big difference.

If you’re not looking at the price, then both clubs are on the same pedestrial.

Who Are they For?

The AP2 is a PGA-Tour Iron aimed at improving ball speed and launch angle. PXG 0311T, on the other hand, is more focused on delivering a better feel and extra distance and spin reduction.

Titleist has adjusted their club to serve the pros and amateurs. The PXG is targeted at players so it may not be suitable for alot of people.

Final Thoughts on Both Balls

Both clubs have similar specs and profile, and one would expect them to perform similarly. However, that’s not the case. The PXG is has actually be tested against the AP2 and is found to better in terms of distance, ball speed, the best spin rate.

This makes it a better option in terms of performance especially if you’re looking for a player’s club. However, if you’re wary of the price tag on the PXG, the Titleist AP2 will always be waitting for you.

Is it safe to conclude that there is not much difference between a club that costs $1400 and another tha costs $4000? It’s possible but I wouldn’t say it’s true in the case of both the AP2 and 0311T.