Bridgestone E5 vs E6: What Do They Have in Common?

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Bridgestone is one of the companies that make choosing their product easy. They don’t just really products without ensuring they have a specific purpose or target audience. I like them for that.

When the brand, i.e. Bridgestone released the E5, it was designed to be a high launch ball. When E6 was introduced, it was meant to be a straight ball. Choosing is as simple as picking one that suits your fancy.

But what if you want more than just a straight ball. Or in the case of the E5 a high flight ball? Or just want to see if there are similarities between the two?… Read More

Srixon Z Star vs Q Star: Are they Really Different?

Srixon Z Star vs Q Star

When you select a good quality golf ball, you make your club happy. You know, the opposite is also true. You want a ball that when you hit with your club gives you maximum distance.

Not only that can barely cover a yard. Another consideration you want to pay attention to is the core because it determines the control you have on your ball.

A softer ball, as opposed to a firm one, will give you better control and you’ll feel you’re in control of your game.

Though the five-piece and four-piece golf balls host all the latest developments that enhance performance, you don’t always have to buy one (they’re more expensive) before you can enjoy your game.… Read More

Callaway ERC Soft vs Supersoft Golf Balls: Review & Comparison

Callaway ERC soft vs supersoft

Callaway is one of the premium golf companies around that has continued to innovate and bring new designs to golf equipment so you and I can get the best experience without breaking the bank.

When they release new golf equipment, everyone wants to know what they’re about. Although Supersoft has been around for a while, the ERC is a new offering that is poking golfers’ inquisitiveness everywhere.

If you’re one of these, then you’re on the right page.

When Callaway released the ERC and Supersoft golf balls, they’re meant to serve a wide range of players. And to provide great greenside control, faster ball speeds, and an excellent feel.… Read More

Bridgestone E7 vs E6 Golf Balls: Are they Really Worth it? Find Out!

bridgestone e7 vs e6

Choosing golf balls isn’t getting easier by the day. This is the result of manufacturers marketing different balls with the same features.

If all balls are soft, accurate, consistent, and going to give you the distance you’ve always dreamt of, how do you know the right one to go for?

Well, the Bridgestone E series are different. Each model is marketed differently with a specific purpose.

While Bridgestone’s focus with the E6 is a straighter and softer ball, the E7 is marketed as a distance golf ball.

It then becomes easier for all to choose one out of the two.… Read More