Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

Saving money on golf balls is an amusing thought. However, as per estimates published in the New York Times, US golfers spend over $650 million on golf balls.

The Kirkland Signature Golf Ball promises good savings as it costs a fraction of a premium golf ball, but with some eye-catching features. The Kirkland was Costco’s latest product, and the stocks sold out on its first launch.


Many people would think less of golf equipment that comes from a brand that also sells food and clothing items. However, golfers from all levels of handicap consider the ball as a premium product, and you would want to try it out too.

The Following Functionalities Give a Highlight of What it has to Offer:

Urethane Covers

The high-quality urethane covers in this four-piece construction improve the feel and spin of the golf ball. At this price point, the golf ball gives the same level of spin on full shots, almost comparable to the premium balls.

Speed-boosting outer core

The speed-boosting outer core maximizes the energy transfer and improves ball distance and trajectory.

Distance and Spin

Low handicappers prefer balls that have a high spin rate to roll the ball from the tee to the green. To increase the spin and the distance, the core has been specially designed with such technology in mind. This counter-balancing technology ensures that high spin doesn’t sacrifice distance.

Four-piece construction

The construction of the golf ball makes it sturdy, durable, and resilient. The outer core is made of urethane that gives a smooth feel. The softcore helps amateurs by boosting the velocity of the ball and ensures maximum compression.

The material used for the mantle increases the feel at impact and reduces the spin rate. Lastly, the outer rubber core improves the playability of the ball. The 360 dimples on its cover make it an excellent complement for its four-piece design.

Pros Cons
With the Kirkland Signature, the control in and around greens is better than other premium balls

 Where premium golf balls come at $200 per dozen, the Kirkland costs $70. Losing one of these on the greens is not painful than the premium ones

 The ball has been designed to increase ball spin without sacrificing the distance

 Hitting the Kirkland produces a soft subtle sound and not the clicky sound that comes when hitting the balls of the same price ranges

 While Urethane covers give a smooth feel, they are prone to damage and discoloration. Golfers have to be careful so that they do not hit trees or hard ground often. Loss of smooth surface means loss of consistency in swing results

The ball’s premium features at a lower price are suitable for the professionals; however, amateurs (mid to high handicapped players) will find it challenging to master it at first. 14, 18 or 19+ handicappers would want to try other golf balls for their game

With a price that is way below other premium golf balls, it is prudent to get more of these early. Indeed, golf balls shouldn’t be purchased just because they are priced cheaply.

However, the Kirkland Signature golf balls will be an excellent addition to your golf bag because of their premium features. If you were lucky enough to get a hand on these, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.