Bridgestone E6 vs Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls: Get Better Performance


There are thousands of golf balls out there but you can use them all. However, there are specific brands that have done well over the years. Not only can you trust the balls these brands make, but also the confidence they can help you build.

Two of these brands are Titleist and Bridgestone.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about them both. If not, then they are solid brands to look at when you’re looking at getting new golf balls. In this article, I’ll look at their popular golf balls and how they compare.

If you have been unable to settle down with any of them, this article is written for you.… Read More

Titleist Velocity vs Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls: Hit it High, Let it Fly

titleist velocity golf balls

Choosing the best golf ball, produced by a well-known and reputable company can make all the difference to your golf experience. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are worthy of all good reviews.

They are perfect for golfers of all levels of experience, they are made of high-quality materials and they can be found in a variety of colors. So, what exactly are the features and benefits of Titleist Velocity Golf Balls?

Titleist Velocity vs Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Titleist Velocity vs Bridgestone E6These balls are designed to produce low levels of spin, and that enables golfers to gain distance. Even mishits will go straighter when you use this type of golf ball.… Read More

Srixon AD333 vs Q Star Tour Golf Balls: Are they Really Different?

qstar2019 pair

When you select a good quality golf ball, you make your club happy. You know, the opposite is also true. You want a ball that when you hit with your club gives you maximum distance.

Not only that can barely cover a yard. Another consideration you want to pay attention to is the core because it determines the control you have on your ball.

A softer ball, as opposed to a firm one, will give you better control and you’ll feel you’re in control of your game.

Though the five-piece and four-piece golf balls host all the latest developments that enhance performance, you don’t always have to buy one (they’re more expensive) before you can enjoy your game.… Read More

Srixon Soft Feel vs Bridgestone E6: Which Should I Choose?

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Whether you’ve been using one of Bridgestone and Srixon for a long time and now want to try a new one, you’re not alone.

There are a lot of golfers out there who have used and stayed with a single brand for so long they now feel the need to try out new ones.

There isn’t anything wrong with that, even if you were absolutely satisfied with the previous one.

Both brands of golf balls are widely successful and have garnered a good following. And this is due to them being of good quality. This is why you may find it difficult to choose between the two.… Read More