Callaway Supersoft vs Titleist Tour Soft (Review & Comparison)

There are a lot of things that go into selecting the right golf ball for your game. We are talking about a host of different factors like spin, flight distance, feel, and most importantly the price of the golf ball.

If you’re dropping a premium on a golf ball, it’s easy to find one that’ll score high in all of those areas. But when you’re looking at lower-priced models like the Callaway Supersoft and Titleist Tour Soft, there is going to be some sort of trade-off.

Fortunately, many brands are trying to pack as many features as possible into the balls at this price range.… Read More

Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star: Which Is Better?

Unless you’re a pro with dozens of golf experience behind you, finding the perfect golf ball that suit you might be uneasy. If you’re just putting your swing speed on the table, that’ll be fine.

But you have to look at many things like ball compression, cover material, core, etc. And I haven’t talked about how they feel and launch off your clubs, putter, and their performance around the greens.

All of that isn’t to scare you though, selecting a suitable one for your game is possible. And Srixon is trying to make that possible. The company makes golf balls for everyone.… Read More

Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft (Differences Reviewed)

The golf balls industry is a competitive market. As a result, you have a lot of choices, and each golf ball has its own strengths. While the variety of options is always a good thing, it can also be a source of confusion.

Sometimes though, when you’re able to sieve down to only a few models, making a choice becomes much easier. There are plenty of brands out there but only a few are popular and well known.

This includes Srixon and Callaway. These two brands produce high-quality golf balls. As a result, some golfers find it difficult to choose one over the other.… Read More

Taylormade Project S vs Callaway Supersoft: Comparison & Review

With a lot of cheap golf balls hitting the market, there are now a lot of options to choose from. Brands like Taylormade and Callaway aren’t slowing down, releasing yearly upgrades for their golf balls.

This is a good thing for beginners. Especially those that can’t afford or aren’t interested in spending on expensive premium golf balls. If you’re on the lookout for the inexpensive, but good enough golf balls, both Taylormade and Callaway have you covered.

Their Supersoft and Project S balls have been serving amateur golfers for a while. Callaway even released a newer version of the Supersoft this year, something to be excited about.… Read More

Srixon AD333 vs Bridgestone E6: Review & Comparison

Although there are several golf ball brands out there, some are just better than the others.

They could be better because they have superior technology, or because they’re cheaper, or simply because they perform better than competitors overall.

Aside from all of these, your reason for choosing a specific golf ball might make only a few brands open to you.

Srixon, for example, makes soft golf balls that feel good when you play with them. You may like how they feel and go with them. Or if you consider Bridgestone that makes premium balls affordable to golfers of all levels.

So, when you find yourself short of cash or just want to test a mid-range ball without spending much, you go with Bridgestone.… Read More

Srixon Z Star vs Pro V1: Review and Comparison

There are thousands of golf balls out there but you can use them all. However, there are specific brands that have done well over the years. Not only can you trust the balls these brands make, but also the confidence they can help you build.

Two of these brands are Titleist and Srixon.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about them both. If not, then they are solid brands to look at when you’re looking at getting new golf balls. In this article, I’ll look at their popular golf balls and how they compare.

If you have been unable to settle down with any of them, this article is written for you.… Read More