Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star: Which Is Better?

Unless you’re a pro with dozens of golf experience behind you, finding the perfect golf ball that suit you might be uneasy. If you’re just putting your swing speed on the table, that’ll be fine.

But you have to look at many things like ball compression, cover material, core, etc. And I haven’t talked about how they feel and launch off your clubs, putter, and their performance around the greens.

All of that isn’t to scare you though, selecting a suitable one for your game is possible. And Srixon is trying to make that possible. The company makes golf balls for everyone.

From the beginner who is standing on the greens for the first time to the seasoned pros like Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowell, and the likes.

The Srixon Soft Feel and Q-Star are on everyone’s list but who are they for? How are they different? Find out in this piece:

Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star: The Reviews

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

I have been buying from Srixon for a while and they have come to be one of my favorite brands when it comes to golf balls.

So, when I heard they were making the new Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls I really wanted to give them a try, and man, let me tell you, I am incredibly impressed!

In fact, I figured I might not be able to adapt to the softer feel of this ball and I feared it might be too much (even becoming difficult to control, or too easy to lose).

Key Features

But it is just perfect: this ball has many more dimples and it feels like a step up from the previous model. It is definitely a distance ball because it is rather lightweight, and it has excellent drag and aerodynamics.

In addition, the core has been improved too: the energetic gradient softcore makes for an ultra-soft feel; and a high launch away from the tee.

The spin trajectory is low, with better greenside spin and great alignment on the side.

The durability is very good for the price: the energetic gradient core and the ionomer cover make it so that the ball can stay in the game for a much longer time than others.

With only minor cosmetic defects such as loss of shine and mild discoloration after playing with it for a long time.


If you are a golfer who struggles to hit high shots, the Soft Feel will really improve your game. Around the fairway/rough, the soft feel performs well during hybrid and mid-iron shots. The ball launched high and long but lacked spin.

An upside to the ball is the core, which has been improved. The energetic gradient softcore makes for an ultra-soft feel; and a high launch away from the tee.

The spin trajectory is low, with better greenside spin and great alignment on the side.


The lack of spin is a minor problem, especially if you are trading it for height and accuracy.

One downside of the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls is the lack of spin. However, since the Soft Feel are distance balls, this is a very minor drawback.

Unfortunately, these balls are also quite expensive. Nonetheless, they blow away their counterparts in many ways.

Feel & Performance

From the tee, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball strength really start to show.

Especially for slower swingers, the compression on these balls creates a noticeable yardage boost. The balls have a high launch and are fairly accurate.

Due to the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern and overall design of the soft feel, these balls have little side spin and drag. If your tee game is lacking, giving the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls may be worth it for the yardage and launch height.

Bottom Line

The price is very reasonable as well, so the value is really good.

The only thing that I can complain about is that you are sacrificing distance for control a lot with this ball, so it might be best if you are already somewhat close to the hole.

All in all, an excellent ball that a good amount of control, barely any loss of distance, and good value for the price.

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls Review

Today, there is a wide variety of brands and many models of golf balls, so if you are thinking of acquiring a golf ball, it is essential to choose one from a remarkable brand.

Srixon is one of the most recognized in this market because it only manufactures high-quality products. And a clear example of this is the Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls.

The Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball is an excellent tour-level ball, developed for all types of players, and at an affordable price.

In this section, we will talk about all its features to understand why it is a great choice.


As mentioned above, Srixon is a brand known for making durable premium products, and this is no exception.

This golf ball has great durability because it is built with 2-piece construction, and the cover material is Ionomer. Without a doubt, a ball that meets the standards.


This ball is excellent for long distances, as it has a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, this allows the ball to have more lift and less resistance, so you can have more control and reach longer shots.


The Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball is a low-spin ball, as Srixon has added a new design to this model, new spin skin with SeRM. This allows for greater accuracy on every shot, as it helps keep the ball in the direction we want it to go.


The feel of this golf ball is really soft thanks to its FastLayer core. It may not be as smooth as its compression rating of 77 would suggest, but it is very soft. Also, the outer edge is firm, allowing for good speeds for the ball to reach long distances.


This golf ball has a fantastic design, worthy of a Tour ball. It has a very good consistency of diameter and weight, which helps to have great precision and reach longer shots.


This is the best value golf ball on the Tour, currently priced at a good price tag so grab it as soon as you can. If we compare the price of other tour golf balls with similar characteristics to this one, it is much higher.


As you can see, you can enjoy playing with a tour golf ball without having to spend a lot of money. Therefore, the Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls are a great option because they are high-quality, and you can play with them for a long time.

Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star: Comparison

Unlike the Z Star, the Q-Star has a premium undertone without the hard feel. Instead, it’s constructed to feel soft like the Srixon Soft Feel. If you’re looking for a soft feeling golf ball, you can’t go wrong with the Soft Feel.

But if you want a ball with tour-level performance and a soft feel, the Q-Star may be a better choice. If you have average or above swing speed, you’ll probably get better performance on the Q-Star than Soft Feel.

Just know that the Q-Star may spin more around the greens and the Soft Feel may be more forgiving when you have mishits, especially for an amateur player.

The Soft Feel is primarily designed for slower-swinging golfers. If you fall in that category, then the Soft Feel promises a soft feel with and maximum distance.

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