Srixon AD333 vs Bridgestone E6: Review & Comparison

Although there are several golf ball brands out there, some are just better than the others.

They could be better because they have superior technology, or because they’re cheaper, or simply because they perform better than competitors overall.

Aside from all of these, your reason for choosing a specific golf ball might make only a few brands open to you.

Srixon, for example, makes soft golf balls that feel good when you play with them. You may like how they feel and go with them. Or if you consider Bridgestone that makes premium balls affordable to golfers of all levels.

So, when you find yourself short of cash or just want to test a mid-range ball without spending much, you go with Bridgestone.

Whatever criteria you set when buying golf balls, there are definitely some unique features you want to look at when choosing. In this case, you’ve decided on Srixon and Bridgestone and now looking for which to choose between the two.

Fortunately, both brands are good.

And their golf balls, the AD333 and E6, are excellent golf balls to play with. Here is what you need to know about them so you’re choosing one that’s suitable for your needs.

Srixon AD333 vs Bridgestone E6 Comparison

There are a lot of things to look at when comparing golf balls. The most important of them is the performance of the balls as well as how they feel. You can add “price” if you’re keen on getting an affordable one.

In the case of the AD333 and Bridgestone E6, they’re are both similar in design. However, there are some differences you should pay attention to. In this section, we’ll look at their features and compare them against each other.

Let’s start with the review first.

Bridgestone E6

It’s a soft 2-piece golf ball, with a low-compression feel, suitably designed for those who prefer the feel over all other things. That’s why in the E6, the manufacturer removed the mantle layer found in the E12 golf balls.


Compared to the E12, the compression on the ball will be pegged at 44-compression, which will make it the lowest compression in the series.

In addition to the softer feel, the design on the E6 golf ball will be towards a straighter flight. As a result, you get less spin with off-center strikes and indirect impact if you’re an average golfer.


There is going to be significantly lower hook and slice spin on the E6 balls, thanks to a softer construction. Therefore, average players can get improved distance and better ball flight.

However, high swing speed elite golfers might find the ball doesn’t perform to their level because of the absence of multi-layered urethane cover.


The Bridgestone Golf E6 is filled with long iron spin and low driver so you can get straighter distance without compromising green-side performance. The golf balls include the Delta Dimple design that ensures improved air resistance so that your swing can go longer

Srixon AD333

The Srixon AD333 has a unique construction. Specifically, the Fast-Layer Core, which is designed to be soft in the center area and gradually becomes firmer towards the edge.

As a result, you have a golf ball that maximizes speed and minimizes ball spin.

Another notable key feature of the Srixon AD333 is the dimple pattern. The design is aimed for a penetrating and fastball flight.

The Srixon AD333 also features a Slide Ring Material and Spin Skin Technology.

With the use of an innovative urethane coating and a flexible molecular bond, this allows for a maximum spin in cases you need the ball to do so.

Key Points

The Srixon AD333 is a golf ball that belongs to the two-piece and entry-level category.

It’s a favorite among many and it improves upon the previous success of the older versions.

It offers excellent short game control, especially around the greens. This is surprising as it does not come with the urethane cover of the more expensive golf balls.

Another impressive feature is the ball flight, especially in cases of crosswinds.

The dimple pattern allows the ball to stay in the air while holding steady along its desired trajectory.

Srixon AD333 vs Bridgestone E6: How They Compare

Both balls are 2-piece construction golf balls with low compression. They’re also very soft too. This gets you optimized speed on your golf shots and helps you hit the ball high which I think will benefit a higher spectrum of golfers.

The price tag on the two balls are also very similar so you might not be able to choose a winner based solely on the price.

The AD333 golf ball is designed primarily to give you better control and improved greenside spin while the Bridgestone E6 helps you to maximize distance on all shots.

Although both balls feel great, the AD333 has a better feeling overall according to tests. Moreover, there is a lack of literal movement in the E6, which might help keep you in the game when you lose your swing.

These are some of the things you want to pay attention to when choosing any of these balls.

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