Taylormade Project S vs Callaway Supersoft: Comparison & Review

With a lot of cheap golf balls hitting the market, there are now a lot of options to choose from. Brands like Taylormade and Callaway aren’t slowing down, releasing yearly upgrades for their golf balls.

This is a good thing for beginners. Especially those that can’t afford or aren’t interested in spending on expensive premium golf balls. If you’re on the lookout for the inexpensive, but good enough golf balls, both Taylormade and Callaway have you covered.

Their Supersoft and Project S balls have been serving amateur golfers for a while. Callaway even released a newer version of the Supersoft this year, something to be excited about.

Having said that, how can you tell the difference between the Supersoft and Project S, since both are 2-piece construction and similar price points? Find out in this article:

Taylormade Project S vs Callaway Supersoft: Reviews

Callaway Supersoft Review

The Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball that has been around for a while. It’s designed for beginners who are looking for an affordable golf ball with a soft feel.

The 2021 version is out along with Callaway MAX and ERC Soft, although it has a different selling point: soft feel and inexpensive. You can get it in several professional colors including white and glossy yellow.


This ball falls in the group of the lowest compression golf balls. It has a 38 compression rating. This low compression means there is a reduced spin which translates to more distance. A ball with a low spin means is a straight ball.

When hit, this ball will go straight and cover more distance. This is made possible by the softness. Firmer balls don’t always go as straight and as further as these since they will have more spin.

That’s why firmer balls are mostly recommended for professional players since they can command more control as opposed to a beginner. So, if you’re just starting out, the Supersoft is one of your best options.


The ball features a hybrid cover that comes with the new PARALOID Impact Modifier. This gives the ball a versatile construction to host such benefits as outstanding greenside control, soft spin, high launch, and soft feel.

The core is hemmed with HEX aerodynamics, which helps in minimizing drag for a lighter lift and higher flight. Its soft compression core further enhances the low spin, resulting in increased distance.


This ball is incredibly soft. In fact, it’s considered one of the softest on the market. So, if you’re a player looking for a cheap and extremely softball, you should check this out.

Taylormade Project S Review

Like the Supersoft, the Taylormade Project S is designed to be a soft feel golf ball with the potential for more distance. It’s a softer sibling to the Taylormade Project A golf ball with the promise for additional distance.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive golf ball that combines soft feel and distance in one, the Taylormade Project S is a good option to check out.

The Project S ball has a compression of 60 and shrouded in ionomer cover, as opposed to the regular urethane cover we see in premium golf balls. With this design, you can expect this to have similar a similar price model to the Supersoft.

It’s available in fewer color variants compared to the Supersoft. You can get it in white, matt orange, and matt yellow. If you’re a color junkie, especially the matt ones, you may want to check out the color choice in Supersoft.


The Taylormade Project S comes with the dubbed dual-distance core. According to the manufacturer, the dual-distance core brings about a decrease in the overall compression of the ball.

The result is enhanced speed and feel. The DDC is a 2-core system similar to the Supersoft. It helps reduce driver spin, in addition to better rebound. The outer core is made of a soft-resilient polymer. This enhances the feel of the ball and ensures high ball velocity.


The Aerodynamic Ionomer cover on the ball gives you more control around the green. To reduce drag, Taylormade has combined a high lift 342LDP dimple pattern with a lower backspin construction resulting in more distance and high launch trajectory.


Golf balls with low compression often end up covering shorter distances. To counter this, Taylormade added a multilayer design combined with softness and resilience for maximum distance.

If you look at premium golf balls, it’s easy to see balls combining these features in one. This isn’t always possible with cheaper ones since manufacturers have to manage the cost to produce at this price point.


Like the Supersoft, this one too is designed for low to mid-handicap golfers. So, if you spot low swing speed, this multi-layered, softball is worth a try.

Taylormade Project S vs Callaway Supersoft: Comparison

Both balls are designed to be soft and deliver exceptional distance. However, there is a design difference as well as diversity in the performance of the two balls.

The Supersoft comes with the trionomer cover while the Project s has the ionomer cover. There is little difference here though since trionomer is just another name for more ionomer content if you will.

One thing is clear though, the Taylormade Project s is packaged to deliver both a soft feel and more distance so you don’t have to choose between the two.

The Callaway Supersoft is more of a soft feel ball even though it claims to provide more distance too. This is evident in their compression. The Supersoft has 38 compression while Project s compression is 60.

When playing shots around the green, you can expect to get more control and an even better feel on the Supersoft than the Project s. Probably increased spin rate, but not distance so keep that in mind. Finally, it might be slightly expensive than the Supersoft for a dozen balls.

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