The Best Golf GPS


When you’re starting from scratch, choosing the best golf GPS can be a daunting task. With the sheer number of models on the market today, a golfer needs a starting point. After soaking in the information provided below, you’ll be prepared to make the best golf GPS purchase that meets exactly your needs.

The term GPS instantly conjures up images of satellite navigation devices, possibly the kind used in the car or on a smartphone. Although the heart of a golf GPS contains hardware that can connect to the satellite grid, this is where the similarity ends.

What is a Golf GPS?

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Golf Bag With Cooler – Inside or Outside?

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There’s nothing like the parched throat that can develop while playing 18 holes, and once experienced, the avoidance of any such repeat occurrence becomes an immediate necessity.

It could be the very reason you find yourself here reading about a golf bag with a cooler either built-in or attached on the outside.

I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered much while suffering the pains of dehydration, but take a closer look at the options now that your electrolytes have been restored.

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What is an A Wedge? – Attacking the Gap

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What is an A Wedge?

What is an A Wedge

The majority of golfers that haven’t ever heard of an A wedge already know what it is. They’ve even used it numerous times.

Simply put, an A wedge is a gap wedge, is an A wedge. Make sense? They are interchangeable. One and the same.

For those still in the dark we must raise the question, what is a gap wedge?

The gap wedge is aptly named because it fills that “gap” in the typical golf set between the pitching and sand wedges. But what is an A wedge able to do that fills that gap?… Read More

Why wearing golf gloves on both hands might be the answer to lower golf scores!

Hey, if it works for Tommy “two gloves” Gainey, why not you? Whether you’re banging balls on the range or just finished a round of golf, it’s frustrating leaving the course with sore and battered hands.

I’ve personally had dozens of long sessions on the range, only to get blisters so bad, I couldn’t play for several days! Not fun! You might be thinking, why should I start wearing golf gloves on both hands!

Good question! If you have sensitive hands you will likely benefit from two gloves.
Here’s why!

golf gloves

Are any of the below issues a common occurrence for you?

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Essential Guide to Finding the Lightest Golf Bag

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Do you love to walk when you play golf but are frustrated you can’t find a comfortable, lightweight carry bag that will get you through your round without experiencing back pain?

Several studies show that walking just 2 rounds of golf a week is equivalent to burning 2,500 calories.  It’s the way the game was meant to be played!


Finding Zen

If you’ve golfed for any length of time, you know there’s just something peaceful and wonderful about walking the course.

The pace is relaxing, you have time to think between shots., it’s a refreshing workout, you have more time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.Read More

The Average Golf Handicap

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Less is More

In golf, less is more. This is true for your golf score, and the same holds true for your golf handicap. The lower the handicap, the better the golfer.

Looking at the average golf handicap can give you an idea of how your golf game stacks up against other players. Just playing with the same people week after week and watching the pros on TV will not give you a true assessment.

Are you a “Scratch Golfer”?

Chances are, you are not. A golfer with a handicap of zero generally shoots at or below par and is referred to as a “scratch golfer.”Read More