Why wearing golf gloves on both hands might be the answer to lower golf scores!

Hey, if it works for Tommy “two gloves” Gainey, why not you? Whether you’re banging balls on the range or just finished a round of golf, it’s frustrating leaving the course with sore and battered hands.

I’ve personally had dozens of long sessions on the range, only to get blisters so bad, I couldn’t play for several days! Not fun! You might be thinking, why should I start wearing golf gloves on both hands!

Good question! If you have sensitive hands you will likely benefit from two gloves.
Here’s why!

golf gloves

Are any of the below issues a common occurrence for you?

  • blisters and calluses
  • sweaty hands
  • knuckles swelling and soreness

If so, it’s likely leading to the one thing that prevents you from hitting more consistent shots! Clubhead rotation is an often overlooked part of the golf swing.

Without getting too geeky, your hands and grip play a vital role in making sure the club rotates properly throughout the swing and ensures you hit the ball on the center of the clubface.

wearing golf gloves

Problem is, a lot of times it’s hard to notice when your club is slipping in your hands. We’re talking subtle movements!

Typically, when this happens, the clubface closes and shots are missed low and left for right-handed players.

So, what are the main benefits of wearing two gloves and why should you consider wearing them?

Take a look at this video (fast forward to the 1:20 mark) which sheds some light on the benefits of wearing golf gloves on both hands.

It’s interesting to hear him talk about how golf gloves on both hands play a significant role in the golf swing.

A couple of key takeaways:

  • Wearing two gloves will give you better control over the clubhead rotation leading to more consistent shots
  • Wearing two gloves in cold weather conditions keeps both hands at the same temperature leading to a more “connected” feeling with the club

To add to that last point. Rarely, are we playing golf in ideal weather conditions? Wouldn’t all golfers like to live in San Diego!

I know when I play in hot, humid conditions, I take my glove off after every shot and even that doesn’t prevent my club from slipping! Whether it’s hot, cold, damp, misty, etc…wearing golf gloves on both hands leads to a more stable, controlled swing.

That, coupled with consistent grip pressure and clubhead control all lead to better shots and lower scores! Plus, wearing two gloves gives you the confidence to grip a lighter!

Won’t I lose feel when I play with two gloves?

Many golfers often comment you’re giving up “feel” when you wear two gloves. What you supposedly give up in feel you gain in having a more controlled golf swing.

gloves It’s all about getting that clubface square to the ball and having a repeatable swing more than compensates for any perceived lack of feel.

I understand if you’re putting, you want that extra feel. Ironically, saving your hands from blisters and soreness by wearing two gloves will likely improve your feel on putts and short shots around the green.

One more thing, manufacturers are continually developing gloves with better material for improved comfort and performance.

Save your hands and give it a try the next time you play! Let’s face it, golf is often a frustrating game so why not give yourself any advantage you can!

Look into wearing golf gloves on both hands and you’ll likely generate more consistent shots increasing your chances for lower scores!