Callaway HEX Diablo vs Supersoft: Review and Comparison

In choosing the right golf ball, thinking about the aspects of your game that you feel require even the slightest improvement could lead to lower scores.

Although all golf balls may seem alike, each ball’s overall makeup can affect the height and distance of your shots as well as how it spins when it lands.

Focusing more on finesse shots around the green, skilled golfers tend to overlook the importance of picking the best golf ball as leverage against their peers.

Designed to lessen sidespins and help produce straight, long drives, let’s learn the contrast between a Callaway HEX Diablo vs Supersoft just before we tee off.

The Callaway HEX Diablo

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, your fundamental concern is to hit the ball straight each time you set foot on the green.

Since overblown slices and hooks help produce better drives, golf balls that offer tremendous control on approach shots as well as excellent distance off the tee undoubtedly improve your short game control, as well as perform aggressive shots even more.

Delivering awesome consistency and speed, the Callaway HEX Diablo provides golfers of any skill level with amazing shots for an exemplary strong start and an even stronger finish.

Regarded as the best golf ball to help enhance your long game, here are the Hex Diablo’s most remarkable features:

Deeper And Faster Hits

Boasting an enhanced dimple design, the HEX Diablo is equipped with an innovative aerodynamic technology that greatly improves the trajectory of each hit, all while dodging wind resistance to allow your shots to go long and fast.

Reducing drag and promoting a more balanced ball flight, you are sure to land the ball at the exact spot that you want.

Extensive Width And Velocity

Overloading every hit with distance and speed, this awesome golf ball is outfitted with the S-Tech core that can enhance your performance. Its unique design allows a golfer’s opening shot to produce minimal sidespins, ensuring a consistent and steady game on various courses.

Well-Developed Outer Cover

While excessive scuffing and drag are a golfer’s worst nightmare, the improved outer layer of the HEX Diablo helps deliver incredibly straight shots with excellent trajectory.

Packed with a Duraspin technology that includes an Ionomer cover, this solid golf ball is crafted to withstand the challenges on any course with ease.

The Callaway Supersoft

Apart from making a round of golf with your buddies more enjoyable, an exceptional golf ball should have the ability to add personality to your game.

Increasing strength, flexibility, and comfort, Callaway’s Supersoft golf balls are considered one of the best-selling balls available for their ability to elevate the game of both mid and high handicap players.

Here are some of the reasons that make this golf ball a hit:

Cutting-Edge Outer Cover

Brandishing an innovative 2-piece design, the Supersoft promotes outrageous distance and ball speed which allow you to stay at par with the rest of the pack.

Outfitted with hybrid materials, this Paraloid infused golf ball offers a low spin, high launch, and soft feel that let any golfer perform optimally on the green.

Less Drag, More Lift

Much like the HEX Diablo, the aerodynamics of this extraordinary golf ball provides it with an increase in carry that propels it to higher flights. Highly versatile and brandishing a low compression, the Supersoft lets you dominate the greens with ease and efficiency.

While the Supersoft’s more pliable outer cover helps provide the kind of spin that most golfers long for, the sturdy shell of the HEX Diablo allows it to endure the rigors of the harshest, most challenging courses.

Performing exceedingly well with a variety of clubs under a range of conditions, these balls can no doubt be every golfer’s ball of choice.


From the components that make up its core to the numerous materials used to reinforce the cover, it is important for golfers to pick a ball that best suits their game and skill level.

Whether it is one that improves the accuracy of your approach or a ball that results in longer and straighter hits, both the Supersoft and the HEX Diablo by Callaway will complement the type of golf you play.

From the look of things, there seems to not be a lot of differences between the two balls. However, the Hex Diablo has a more premium feel to it while the Supersoft is more of a soft, affordable golf ball.

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