Top 6 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers (Updated for 2021)

Golf balls that are engineered for high handicappers can help average players improve their scores and level up quickly. If you have a good ball, you will be able to get more yards and do more tricks on the green.

Furthermore, a good golf ball coordinates well with your clubs to allow you to get as many scores as possible.

Does the thought of reducing your handicap score and taking your game a notch higher make you want to buy a good golf ball for high handicap?

Want to improve your game quickly and feel more confident on the golf course?

If your reply is ‘YES’, continue reading.

Top 6 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

1. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

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These golf balls come in different colors so that they can be seen easily regardless of whether they are on the ground or in the air. With their three-piece construction, these balls are ideal for low-to-mid swingers.

Dimple patterns of 332 octahedrons also enhance the flight and stability of the balls. This dual-core ball has a hard interior and a soft exterior, which gives you more control. Your shots will be more accurate this way.

The scuff-resistant cover and durable cover of these balls make them suitable for high handicappers. Play however rough you want.

High handicappers may benefit greatly from Volvik Crystal golf balls because they can hit longer, straighter shots. Also, those who regularly lose balls will find these helpful, since they are easy to locate.

2. Callaway SupersoftGolf Balls

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The soft feel of these golf balls makes them popular. To help handicappers hit straighter shots, these balls are designed specifically for those with a slow swing. It is made of a durable material that gives great control on the greenside as well.

The two-piece construction ensures low spins and longer distances because of its ultra-low compression. High handicappers may find the Callaway SupersoftGolf Balls to be an excellent option.

3. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

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Wilson’s Smart Core golf balls are a good choice for players with a limited budget but still want to improve their games. Those trying to minimize handicap scores might find these to be useful practice golf balls. Their construction has two pieces, 432 dimples, and their core can adapt to both short and long games.

With these balls, you can minimize spin, reduce air drag, and deliver more yards in long shots. In short games, it is easier for them to control the ball flight when the spin is generated.

4. Callaway 2019 ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

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With a soft feel, straight flight, long-distance, and high visibility yellow color, these Callaway 2019 ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls provide one of the best forgiveness.

With a three-piece construction, and new technology in both material and design, these balls are designed to last.

In addition, the balls provide a higher launch distance and minimize the driver’s spin. They contain 322 hexagonal dimples that make the ball fly straighter and smoother. High handicap golfers will love these balls.

5. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

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In most cases, golfers have high handicaps as a result of swinging too slowly. The solution to this problem is Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls.

Its thin construction provides a softer feeling and excellent sound when hitting off the tee. With this benefit, coupled with the large softcore, you will get more distance on the green.

There are 338 dimples on each ball with various sizes of dimples. A design like this can help the ball travel straight to the point while lowering the air drag.

6. Bridgestone E12 Speed Golf Balls

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If you’re looking for the perfect balance of value and performance, these golf balls are for you. The three-piece construction features a mid-compression and reduced spin rate.

The ball will launch and stop far more focused every time you hit a shot with these balls because they offer optimal distance, low spins, and low launch angles.

These cover long distances and are pocket-friendly as well. The balls might help you if you have a hard time making straight shots. Bridgestone E12 Speed Golf Balls are the most suitable for high handicappers.


Perhaps one of these top picks can help you if you’re a high handicapper who wants to minimize the index. A quality golf ball can help you improve your game scores, upgrade your level, and most importantly, provide you with a great experience on the golf course.

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