Sun Mountain C-130 vs Ogio Alpha Convoy 514: Which Is Better?

There are a lot of quality golf bags out there you can buy. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend for a beginner golfer to go too much into researching the different models available.

This is because it can be quite confusing considering there are so many models to go through.

However, if you’re a pro, then you already know the reigning brands such as Clicgear, Sun Mountain, Bag Boy, etc. These are the quality brands you’ll find at different price levels when it comes to golf equipment.

The Sun Mountain C-130 and Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 are probably two of the most popular, best selling models you can get your hands on.

If you’ve settled on the two but unable to decide which one is for you, then this article is for you.

Sun Mountain vs Ogio: Reviews

Sun Mountain C-130 Review

Do you like golf? And currently, looking for a golf bag that can support your game? Sun Mountain C 130 is what you’re looking for. This is the most popular golf bag and best selling product from Sun Mountain.

This golf bag is quite large in size, designed for comfort, flexibility, and is highly functional.

Upside down orientation top with 3 utility handles, bumper for carriage, Smart Strap System, and velour-linen lookout pocket which is comfortable, roomy, and comes with magnetic closure.

For added convenience, all the pockets face forward, so they are easy to reach even if the bag is on the cart.

The most annoying thing is when the bag falls from the cart, it is less comfortable, but that will not happen with this bag.

The bag attaches to the train with the Smart Strap System, which is 2 Velcro® straps that will not make the bag rotate on the train and will prevent horse carriage rope from using pockets.

At the top, there are 14 large individual club dividers with individual club dividers equipped with a specially made putter compartment to protect the golf club as well as keep the stick shaft migrating.

All of the pockets are mostly large and contain a lot of stuff. 13 front facing pockets provide ample storage space.

And the Smart Strap System provides secure attachment to the cart, 2 of which are used for full-size clothing pockets, equipped with a lookout pocket with magnetic closure and 2 pockets with a comfortable and comfortable velour lining waterproof.


This golf bag cart is made of strong and durable nylon material, so you won’t be changing your golf bag too often because it breaks quickly. This bag is also equipped with a matching rain hood.

One more thing that is interesting about this Sun Mountain product is the large choice of colors, there are 11 colors to choose from and all of them are good.

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Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Golf Bag

The Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 golf bag is one of the greatest golf bags I’ve ever owned. It is of superior quality and I’m very happy that I’ve purchased one.

The polyester fabric is made from recycled materials and has abrasion resistance and tear resistance. This is especially important for golfers since their bags travel in their vehicles and oftentimes on a golf cart or a pushcart.

Any golfer would want this feature in a golf bag since they want one that is made to last. It has 10 zippered pockets and 2 mesh stash pockets.

These all come in handy because I can easily store the items I need in them.

They’re quite roomy and are able to hold quite a bit. The bag is lightweight weighing in at only 6.4 pounds and is 34.75″ tall.

Another feature I liked is the insulated water and cooler pockets that keep my water ice cold while out golfing. Ogio also offers a limited lifetime warranty on this golf bag which gives me peace of mind.

I think it shows that the company takes pride in its products. It makes me feel assured that I’m purchasing a quality item from a good company.

They have a lot of sustainability since their bag is made from all recycled materials.


Every time I’m at the course I receive compliments on my golf bag and get asked where I bought it. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and have had no issues.

I’ve taken it to the course over 50 times and the bag shows no signs of wear and actually still looks brand new. I would recommend this bag to anyone since I’ve had such a good experience with it.

I loved their customer service as well. I received e-mails when my bag shipped and the estimated delivery date was correct.

Sun Mountain vs Ogio: Conclusion

As you can see, each model have their differences. And in buying any of them, you have to consider their features and what they have in qualities that attracts your fancy.

Ultimately, the two are good. Whichever you go for is good.

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