Cobra F6 Driver Review

Unlocking value through innovation

“No other all titanium adjustable CG driver delivers this combination of distance and forgiveness in every shot.”

Cobra launched its F6 driver with the above motto. It has used technology that bridges the gap between players with different abilities. The F6 allows the player to choose the type of game he would play on the course.

Bryson DeChambeau, the American professional golfer, has included the F6+ for his PGA Tours.

Let’s take a look at the features and see how the driver proves itself as the ultimate ‘one-for-all’ product.

F6 CG Tuning

‘Center of Gravity’ or CG creates ideal ball launch conditions for your golf club. Since it is the intersection of all point of balance, the design of the club should ensure that it allows this point of power generation that gives consistency to your shots.

Cobra F6 provides a unique ‘Front-to-back’ CG technology, which helps in personalizing the ball flight and distance. The sole of the club consists of two weights – a 10-gram colored and another 3-gram black weight.

To change your CG position, you switch the position by unscrewing these weights using the tool provided in the set. When the colored weight is placed in the forward position, you get a ‘penetrating’ ball flight, while placing it in the back gives a ‘towering’ ball flight.

The forward weight reduces the spin and lowers the launch, while the opposite increases the launch and spin.

Shifting the gravity according to the golfer’s style translates into greater forgiveness and uniqueness that is not possible with many other drivers available in the market.

A general setting player can use the tune the CG to a forward setting while a high-handicap player can tune the CG backward to improve the ball launch.

MYFLY8 with Smartpad

cobra f6 On the golf course, the only concern about your ball is its trajectory.

The path that your ball takes in the air largely depends upon the golf club used for the shot.

Very few golfers can control their trajectory, and Cobra F6’s MYFLY 8 helps you achieve it.

MYFLY 8 refers to 8 different loft settings that help you fine-tune your ball launch conditions on the golf course.

The technology helps you to achieve maximum distances by managing the ball trajectory quickly.

The loft can be adjusted using the MyFly hosel, which has eight numbers representing eight different loft/face angle settings.

A tool that is provided with the head is used to remove the screw on the sole of the club which can be removed to insert the shaft into the head with the loft in the label ‘MyFly’ loft.

You need to tighten the head with one click then.

Forged E9 Face

Many golfers struggle to find the ‘sweet spot.’

Even though modern clubs offer painted grooves to find that spot, which is no bigger than a pinhead and is just below the center of the club, you may probably find it impossible to locate and hit it consistently.

Cobra F6’s forged 8-1-1 titanium E9 face gives your shaft that sought-after deflection to find the sweet spot for every shot and generate ball speed.

In fact, with the Cobra F6, you get the ‘sweet spot’ all across the face due to the light and thin clubface equipped with varying thicknesses across the entire surface. This feature of the clubface ensures that you generate impressive ball speeds even during off-center strikes.

Speed Channel

cobra f6 4 Which is that one place on your clubface where you don’t need much weight? It’s the perimeter of the face.

Speed Channel, an innovative technology introduced by Cobra, removes that structural weight from the fence of the face to minimize its thickness.

This innovation extends the sweet spot across the face and ensures greater ball speeds even at off-center strikes.

Shaft and Hand Tuning

Cobra has made the graphite shaft available in four different types – Stiff, X-Stiff, Senior and Regular flexed shaft.

Along with it, a parameter that adds to the overall look of the driver is the possibility to choose four different colors for the golf head.

The driver is designed to be used for both, left and right-handed golfers.

Let’s Review

Pros Cons
Made of titanium which gives a good sound even with its varying thickness and light-weight design

 Speed Channel, combined with the Forged E9 face significantly improves the workability and playability of the driver across players with different capabilities

 Managing trajectory is made possible

 The design and the look, both attract attention

 Looks large and heavy, but is easy to use and not ‘clumsy.’

 Innovative clubhead design ensures misses are rare and strikes are accurate

 Excellent driver for players struggling with adjusting their ball flight

 Some golfers may find adjusting the hosel a bit tedious and complex

Grip fails to be a real deal, so a replacement is necessary

 Larger club head improves ball flight but may cause problems for beginners who struggle to line up their shots

If you are a high-handicapper, then the Cobra F6 driver can help you transform faster. When it replaced the Cobra FZ, it took technology to the next level.

Purchasing the driver will keep you amazed at the things that it can do with its impeccable design, technology, and performance. With engineering kicked up to the core, getting the Cobra F6 may be a game-changer for you!