Golf Tournament Formats

Okay, golf is as addictive as a drug. Did you know that between 1457 and 1502 in Scotland the game of golf was banned by King James II because his soldiers were so distracted by the game they did not spend enough time practicing combat archery? Neither did I until today! But golf is still … Read more

Hybrid Golf Club Reviews

If you live in the United States, you have probably heard this slogan from TV commercials that have perhaps already engraved on your brain: there is strong, and then there is Army strong. Likewise, we can golfanize it (not a real verb, I know) a little bit and say the following: there is wood and … Read more

Golf Gifts for Women

What can be better than a present themed to something you really enjoy and spend a lot of time doing? Something like a hobby you dedicate long hours to or a sport you play a lot. How about golf? Yes, as casual as it may sound, golf is one of the most popular sports in … Read more