What’s hot and what’s not? We gather the greatest tips from around the inter-webs so you can impress your buddies on the next golf outing.

Reasons to Date a Golfer

Whether it’s because of that sleek, professional style that golfers adopt or their refined taste in sport, there are many reasons to date a golfer. After all, who hasn’t seen the US Open on tv and seen some of the best players in the world sporting brand new Nikes and sponsorship galore? It’s no secret…
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Golf Tournament Formats

Okay, golf is as addictive as a drug. Did you know that between 1457 and 1502 in Scotland the game of golf was banned by King James II because his soldiers were so distracted by the game they did not spend enough time practicing combat archery? Neither did I until today! But golf is still…
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Golf Gifts for Women

What can be better than a present themed to something you really enjoy and spend a lot of time doing? Something like a hobby you dedicate long hours to or a sports you play a lot. How about golf? Yes, as casual as it may sound, golf is one of the most popular sports in…
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Golf Magazine Subscription: What? Where? When?

Recognize yourself in him when looking for a good golf magazine subscription? I can tell you right now, this is how my face looks like every time I start something new. Whether it is a new job, a new hobby, that’s how I look at the menu at the restaurant I have never been to…
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