Our Two Cents on Finding the Easiest Driver to Hit

The cruel golf gods strike once again as my shot hooks 100 1 yards to the right. I just want to scream “WHAT IS THE EASIEST DRIVER TO HIT WITH!?!” 

As I go to the rough with my five iron, I find myself wondering why I even bothered using a driver, to begin with.

So, you’re probably wondering the answer to which is the most forgiving driver out there; first, let me explain what makes a driver the “best one”, and then I’ll give you my recommendation.

What makes it easier?

So let’s break down the things that factor into a good driver. Warning, this may contain some scientific terms!!

A driver that has a high moment of inertia is one that carries its momentum through the ball well, driving it further.

This means that it has a lot of mass at the end of its radius, and gives you the satisfying explosion off of impact.

You also will want a driver with a low kick point, which means that the ball will be launched at a steeper angle off of contact.

This means that the ball will fly a certain distance and then stop, as opposed to being driven straight for hundreds of yards on the ground.

Now, wha2 t about brands of golf clubs? With so many good brands, it can sometimes be hard to choose.  Brand loyalty can seem like a big deal, but honestly, it’s all preference.

Whether you prefer Callaway or Mizuno is not as important as the individual drivers themselves.

I recommend going to your local pro shop/driving range/club and testing some out yourself.

Test between 2-5 different types of drivers and see what kind of driver works best for you. Here are three things you might want to consider when choosing the best driver.


While performance plays a big role in whatever driver you use, you also3 want to get something you’re comfortable with.

If you’re used to using a very stiff driver, then you shouldn’t try changing to a softer flex (at least not right away).

Also, you want it to simply feel good in your hands.  You want a driver with a nice grip, a comfortable length, and excellent results for you.


Performance is both important and subjective. One driver that someone swears by might not work for someone else simply because everyone’s swing is a little different.

The point of impact of a driver is a little different for everyone, and so I would definitely test one out before you buy it.

Talking to people at your local pro shop will give you some insight into the best drivers on the market, but nothing is better than trying it out yourself and seeing which drivers give you the most bang for your buck, literally!


This is one that golfers rarely mention, but you always have to keep in mind what you can afford. Even if one gives you 10 more yards on your drive, is it worth the extra $100?

The answer is, probably not.

Driving is relatively less important than chipping and putting since you only drive the ball once a hole (usually). A paradigm shift in the golf world is the brand PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf), which hands-down makes the best clubs in the world.

However, they do so at steep costs, and so it’s generally not worth it to a casual player to buy a PXG club.  I got my Callaway clubs from a used golf store, and they’ve been good to me.

The Final Say

Objectively, the best driver to hit the ball with is a PXG 0814 1 Driver.

Not only is the clubhead adjustable to perfectly fit your playstyle, but it also includes 16 adjustable weights that allow you to get the perfect feel on your swing to avoid hooking or slicing the ball every time.

This is by far the best club you can get because if you find that you prefer the head angle at a certain degree or you prefer to change the weight allocation just a little bit, then you can do so without having to buy another club.

However, if you’re not someone who plays long courses or prefers to focus on the short game, then any used club set should be fine for you.

While driving the ball 300 yards looks fancy and can feel awesome (especially at the driving range), there’s no real reason you need to drive the ball that far anyways.

If you go to your local golf store, then you should be able to find a club that fits your need, and for a substantially lower cost.  May your drives be as straight as your club, and get some swings on the driving range before you play!!

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