Caddytek vs Sun Mountain: Which One Should You Get Push Cart From?

Do you find it difficult to choose between Caddytek and Sun Mountain? If you answer yes, then you’re not alone. Golfers, like other sportsmen, know good brands from bad ones.

This is a good thing and allows them to choose the best and right brand for their game. However, you can end up with two good brands and unable to choose between them.

This is why a lot of people considering Caddytek vs Sun Mountain have deemed them two good brands but simply find it difficult choosing one. If that’s you, then this article is written just for you.

I’ve decided on Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart and Sun Mountain Micro-Cart (from both brands) as a case in point in this article.

I’ll review them and compare them so you can see an example of our every brand makes its product and how it might be unique from others.

In doing this, I’m hoping you’ll come out with a resolve on just one of them.

Caddytek vs Sun Mountain: Which One Makes Better Push Carts?

CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Caddytek vs Sun Mountain

It is undisputed that CaddyTek is one of the leading brands in the golf industry. They didn’t reach there until after mastering the art of push cart innovation.

Their folding and unfolding CaddyLite EZ is a testimony to the company’s creativity and technology smartness.

With its technology, you can now cart your clubs around the green with much confidence and convenience.

If you’re yet to decide on this brand, you need to read this review as it’ll enlighten you on the quality they can offer you if you decide to buy their golf cart, namely the Caddytek EZ fold.

Braking System

This is part of the amazing design of this cart. While this may look insignificant in comparison to other features, it’s actually worth mentioning.

I know you don’t want a trolley that goes down a slope with full force with no way of stopping it other than taking you down. Just engage your foot on the brake and the cart should be put to a halt. It’s as simple as that.


When it’s fully constructed, the cart may look fragile. But trust me, going through other reviews should convince you otherwise. Aside from packing a lot of accessories, the CaddyTek Caddylite EV V8 has a whole lot of attachments.

It has that regular foot brake for golfers that works in rough territory. A small coat pocket for storing small items is located at the back while a cooler is suspended closeby for keeping your cup and other necessities.

In the upper section, you’ll find the bag holder with solid rubber grips in it. When you get your bag up and ready to move, the sturdy bag holder will accommodate it easily.

Have a rangefinder you’re taking with you?

The cart has a large mesh pocket to hold it. This is actually a blessing because you’ll now have your range finder at a close range compared to when you have to rummage your bag for it. Now is time to get a good round and no more lag.


Yes, that’s what you see in the name. The press of a button will let you fold the Caddytek EZ fold in no time. For a complete fold down, however, a 180-degree rotation is required.

While this isn’t difficult to do, it would have been seamless if there were a locking mechanism, which isn’t present in this cart, as at the time of writing this. When it’s folded, it’s small and compact.

So, moving it in and out of your car’s trunk should be easy enough.


CaddyTeck is a reputable brand known for the quality of its products. This is obvious in the construction of this cart. The EV V8 is held by a light but strong aluminum frame.

Unlike metal, this doesn’t rust so you can enjoy it for a long time to come. The handles are adjustable for ergonomics while also padded for comfort. You can click the handle around to suit different pushing positions or until you’re satisfied with your grip.

The brand knows that each golfer has personal preferences so it made room for customizations.

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Sun Mountain Micro-Cart

Caddytek vs Sun Mountain

The Sun Mountain Micro-cart would be the perfect gift for any golfer. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to store. Weighing in at 13.8 pounds, it is easy to carry and fits perfectly in the back of the car.

Placing my golf club bag in it was a breeze and I didn’t have to worry about the bag becoming loose or possibly falling off the cart.

I was able to push the cart and my clubs around the golf course with ease. I like that it has 4 wheels too.

The many wheels make it even easier to push and maneuver.

It’s very convenient that this cart folds down into a very small space-saving square when not in use. I didn’t have to worry about it taking up too much space while I stored it in the offseason.

The E-Z Latch is a wonderful feature that allows me to adjust the height of the handle.

I’ve let friends of mine borrow it in the past and they were able to easily adjust it to their height when they used it. I also loved not having to deal with those pesky straps that are on most golf cub carts.

The Sun Mountain Micro cart has strong brackets that hold your clubs in place without worry that the clubs will fall off or possibly even tip the cart. These brackets are very strong and keep my clubs secure in place.

Verdict on Sun Mountain Cart

Another great thing about the micro cart is that you can find accessories on the Sun Mountains website for the cart. They have wheel covers, which is nice because I can cover them when the cart isn’t in use.

They also have a micro pack and a small cooler.

These items are all very handy because they’re designed for the compact cart and I can easily add them to it. I really like the Sun Mountain Micro cart and have recommended it to many of my golfing friends.

I have also received many compliments on it while golfing on various courses.

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