Can You Play Topgolf in the Rain? Is it Weather-Proof? (find out!)

Can you play Topgolf in the rain?

Yes, you can play Topgolf in the rain. In fact, you can play in all kinds of weather, no matter the location you’re playing from.

Topgolf is slightly different from traditional golf courses in the sense that it has all-weather facilities as opposed to a traditional golf course that is in the open.

In a golf club, there are certain times of the year you can’t play due to extreme weather conditions. This is the major reason why golf is known to be a seasonal sport.

How is Topgolf Different from Golf?

From the above, you can see that Topgolf is slightly different from golf. Looking at it from different perspectives will make the differences clearer.

1. The equipment used in Tpgolf is similar to that of golf but there are restrictions. Usually, balls in a Topgolf are fitted with microchips and are restricted to a limited flight range. Moreover, there are limits to the number of items you can bring in. While on a golf course, you can practice and improve your game, a Topgolf is more inclined towards entertainment and not for game improvement.

2. You’re going to miss nature. You’re going to be in a controlled environment with heaters neutralizing cold and coverings to minimize heat from the sun. However, the next point is an important one and probably why a lot of people are drawn to the facility.

3. And that is the costs are parallel to that of playing on a golf course. It is inexpensive, other than the fact that you can only get a simulation and not a real golfing experience.

4. Just like golf, anyone can come to try. Whether you’re a pro golfer or a beginner, Topgolf is accessible to all and sundry. In this way, it’s more like golf other than it comes with less stress, exercise, and practice like golf. Understandably, many people like it like that especially those who have always dread swinging a club on a real golf course.

Can You Play Topgolf During Lightning?

As mentioned before, you can’t play golf in extreme weather conditions. I would think that it’ll be a little unsafe to play in Topgolf too. Perhaps, they could have an arrangement for that just as they have for raining. But I wouldn’t do it as a personal principle.

Can You Play Topgolf During Heavy Sunlight?

I don’t think heavy sunlight should affect your game as it wouldn’t on a golf course. Moreover, in a Topgolf facility, there should be enough provision to make playing in such a condition easy. Sometimes, you may have to try something to know what is possible or not regarding it.

Is Playing in Topgolf Safe?

At Topgolf, there are many safety standards put in place for all participants to follow.

While health standards may have changed across all nations of the world with the recent pandemic, going and playing at a Topgolf close to you shouldn’t be any difficult more than going to play at a golf club.

Can You Play Alone?

Topgolf is open to all and sundry. So, you’re likely to find lots of peeps around there with the same mission as you. But if you’re a golf pro, others may want to watch you play.

At the other end of the coin, if you don’t know anything about golf, you may also get some cheers to try it out. As I said before, the Topgolf environment promotes a lots of entertainment unlike golf.


If you were looking for golf courses to try out, you have plenty of options. However, Topgolf is more recent and may not be available in your vicinity yet. But if you have the chance, then rain can’t stop you from going.