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What is an A Wedge? – Attacking the Gap

The majority of golfers that haven't ever heard of an A wedge already know what it is. They've even used it numerous times. Simply put, an A wedge is a gap wedge, is an A wedge. Make sense? They are interchangeable. One in the same. For those still in the dark we must raise the…
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Using the Open Putting Stance to Your Advantage

While there is never a need to fix what's not broken, if the results you're getting out of your square stance are less than desirable, it may well be time to take a closer look at the open putting stance. There's enough consensus among amateur and pro golfers alike to support the validity of the…
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Do Limited Flight Range Balls Really Exist?

Most golfers like to pick out the best golf balls they can, and for good reason; the better the ball, the easier it is to get it in the hole.  However, there are times where the most distance isn’t what you want.  Often times when you hit a golf ball, you hardly feel the ball…
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Our Two Cents on Finding the Easiest Driver to Hit

The cruel golf gods strike once again as my shot hooks 100 yards to the right.  I just want to scream “WHAT IS THE EASIEST DRIVER TO HIT WITH!?!”  As I go to the rough with my five iron, I find myself wondering why I even bothered using a driver to begin with.  So, you’re…
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