Tiger Woods Golf Shoes

Walking is touted as the best medicine for humankind, and a pair of good shoes can help you conquer the world. For some, their sport is their world and hence we cannot undermine the role a good pair of shoes can play for them.

In golf, the importance of good shoes can be explained in terms of its functionality on the course. All the swings and shots played by the golfer depends on how firmly he is grounded, and a good pair of shoes can help him achieve that. With this in mind, we have reviewed the NIKE Tiger Woods Golf Shoes (2017) to let you get the best worn by the best!

What Difference Would the Brand Make for You?

Synthetic Material

Compared to heavier leather shoes, synthetic material is lighter, durable, and sturdy. It also has extra padding along the ankle for additional comfort.

Dual Strap Closure System

The shoes are designed with unique dual strap closure to fasten the shoe to the feet and ensure that the feet remain firm during fast swings. The problem of tying shoelaces is reduced as you have to pull the cord for a custom fit for your size.

Zoom Air Unit

The Zoom air unit under the heel gives a good springy feel while walking on the golf course, thus adding to its comfortability.

Full-Length Phylon

The underfoot sole of the shoe sports soft but excellent phylon material that provides cushion to the undersole. The outer sole is made of carbon fiber soleplate that provides proper traction and grip to the feet. It helps you transfer power to your game, allowing you to swing confidently.

CHAMP Zarma Tour Golf Spikes

The Zarma golf spikes, along with its Tri-Lok system, gives the golfer proper footing on the ground that directly contributes to the player’s stability during shots.

Waterproofing: With the waterproof feature, you can play even on wet ground without having to worry about your shoes.

No traditional lacing system prevents undue lace tying problems

 Durability and flexibility due to synthetic material

 NIKE Flywire cables to adapt to your size

 Extra cushioning at the heel and sole

Selecting the right shoe is based on how much you walk on the golf course. Being comfortable and flexible is the most crucial parameter that is demanded on the greens, and a good pair of shoes like NIKE TW 2017 fulfills these needs in the most effective way. The shoes are revolutionary as it is associated with the Tiger Woods brand, and as our review shows, its performance mirrors that of Woods. If you have tried these shoes, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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